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Edit: Hopefully done! Please let me know if you notice any bad links.

With 200+ posts, managing the archives gets a little unwieldy. So I have attempted to make a table of contents thus far, grouped broadly by category. If you have any ideas for better ways to organize this (or notice any errors), I’d be happy to hear them.

Memes, Religion, and Morality

“Meme theory” posits that we can understand the spread of ideas by comparing them to viruses. These posts begin by looking at the way different environments/technologies influence the evolution of different kinds of memes, influencing morality and religion.

Mitochondrial Memes (part 1), Memetic Separatism => Ethnicity (part 2 of the meme posts), Memes and Transmission PathwaysMemes are Genes, Ten Commandments of the Constitution, That time Germany literally infected Russia with Memes

The Genetics of Altruism, I Suck at Holidays, Survival of the Moral-ist, Morality is what other people want you to do, Has Australia gone Totally Nuts? Why Do Good? For others or one’s Self?  Effective Altruists are Cute but Wrong, I’m Sick of False Empathy, Conservation of Caring, Animal Morality, New Yorker: Adopting 20 kids is awesome, except for the years of crippling suicidal depression

The Rise of Atheism, Without Ceremony, Religion is Meaningless (part 1), Without Children, Religion is Pointless (Part 2), Without ethnicity, religious identity disappears (part 3), The Decline of Religion (part 4), The Incompatibility of Christian Morality and Evolutionary Morality? Has Christianity Selected for an Atheistic Upper Class? Christianity and the Rise of the Art Instinct

Genes and HBD

Where there are memes, there are genes; all cultures (and environments) select for people who succeed in those cultures. These posts examine some genetics basics and theories on how our changing cultural-technical environments may have selected for specific traits found among modern people.

Increased gender dimorphism = lower IQ? Genetic Aristotelian ModerationSpecies is a Social Construct: My Grandfather’s Totally Badass DogCats are Cuckoos, Hey, DNA: What is it good for? Light and BMI, Live Fast, Die Young: The amazing correlation between self-control and not dying, You Probably Aren’t Adapted to the Paleo Diet, “Ancestral Microbes”, Is Acne an Auto-Immune Disorder? Has eliminating hookworms made people fatter?

The Good Side of Clannishness, Making Sense of Maps–violence and grain, White Women’s Tears, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all,” Epigenetics, Whites like Goth and Metal because Whites are Depressives, Women, Math, and the Y Chromosome, HBD and The Continuum Concept, America and the Long Term, The Insidious Approach of Death, Somali Autism, I made some graphs (fertility vs. homicide)The Recent Development of High European IQ, African Americans, Hispanics, and longevity,

Human Migration, Cultures, and Species of Exit

The broad story of human history is migration, in which the group with the better organization and technology tends to wipe out and replace those without. These posts look at human history through a genetic and anthropologic lens, especially migration, assimilation, replacement, and attempts at exit.

Neanderthals! Review: Decoding Neanderthals on PBS (Nova), When Enthusiasm was a Dirty WordNo, hunter gatherers were not peaceful paragons of gender equality, The genome-wide structure of the Jewish people, Human Admixture Chart, The Khazar Theory, Shakerin’ It, Oops, Looks like it was People, not Pots, Why an African Parasite got named “American Killer”, Cargo Cults, Why do Patriotic Americans like the Confederate Flag? AIDS and California, The Past Makes ISIS Look Good, West African Marriage and Child-Rearing Norms vs. African American Norms, The Genghis Khans of Europe, Germans, (Gypsies), Pygmies: Among the world’s most isolated peoples, or archaic hominin admixture? Are the Pygmies Retarded? Some Notable Nigerians, Into Africa: The Great Bantu Migration, Why do Native Americans have so much Neanderthal DNA? South Africa, democracy, and the dangers of demographics (part 1), South Africa, Democracy, and the dangers of Demographics (pt. 2), Stolen Land, Do Biker Lives Matter? Harleys, Exit, and Thedic Signaling, Species of Exit: The Sentinelese, the World’s Most Isolated People  (going up tomorrow)

Neuropolitics, Metapolitics

An attempt at understanding the neurological, psychological, and perhaps environmental traits that influence the way people think about politics and identify as “conservatives” or “liberals.”

Why Do Liberals Mock Conservatives’ Fear of Disease? Feedback Loops, Sociopaths within, sociopaths without, Studies: Disgust, Prisoner’s Dilemma, Peter Frost and Amygdalas, Amygdalaaas, Tolerance is a Meta-Value, Femininity as Fashion, X will be more like Y if X just acts more like Y, The Inverse Motte and Bailey, Liberals and Conservatives have Stopped Talking to Each OtherThe Other Side Believes it is Moral, too, Society Constantly Lies: A Theory, A complicating wrinkle of uncomplicating insight via two images: Nature Observations, The Spoils, If you’re not my enemy, then you’re my friend, right? The white misperception of racial crossing, The “Other” is but a Foil for the Self, Now that gay marriage is the law of the land, everyone wants to pretend they were in favor of it from the start, Politics are Coming and they are Going to be Awful, Microaggressions and Isolation, Conservatives and Liberals Assume Everyone Else is Like Themselves, Black Friends and White Tears, Moderates are Dumb, Trapped in a Random World, Predictions for the Political Future, As the Peacock Struts: are liberals more competent than conservatives? Clarifications for “As the Peacock Struts,”  Comment on Left-Right Polarization

Psychology and Evolution

The category also known as evolutionary psychology

Aspie != Sociopath, “Shy People are Narcissists,” Study: Aspies don’t lack empathy; they have too much, To Know Thyself is the Hardest Thing, It’s all or Nothin’, Little White Lies and What They Mean, Guilt is a Thing inside of You, Sickle Cell Anemia Metaphor for Depression, Twilight Effects? Theory: Americans are fat because we don’t eat enough, Autism Exists Because Math is a Recently Evolved Ability, Intellectual Fluidity, The Uncanny Valley of Intelligence, A Zombie-Free Uncanny Valley, Pavlov Explains Lingerie, Criminality, Lotteries, Sorry, Les Mis: Criminals gonna Criminal, Man arrested more than 70 times released again, Study: Sexually dimorphic facial features vary according to level of autistic-like traits, Two Kinds of Dumb, Further Thoughts on IQ, Does childlessness drive people crazy? Is Humor Some Sort of Man Thing? Melanin, aggression, and sexuality, The Utility of Anxiety, Yes, Women think male Sexuality is Disgusting (Part one), Is Disgust Real? (Part 2), Disgust part 3: Disney explains Disgust, disgust vs. aggression vs. fertility (part 4), Creativity and Psychoticism, Bi-modal brains? Further Implications of Hippocampal Theory

Structures and Civilization

If the only morality is civilization, then we’d better figure out how to build one.

3rd world in the 1st world, The Great Informationing, Who Owns a Country? Religious Communism, EvolutionistX Manifesto, Things Have Changed Incredibly Fast, and We have Forgotten, Culture Comes from People, A Structural Proposal, Of Course your Enemies are Organized, Immigration, Corporations are Meta-Organisms and so Should not be Allowed in Politics, Why do economists fail at basic math? The Police, Let’s Talk Math, The Candy Crush Career Track, In Defense of Planned Parenthood, Family, Nation, and History, Land Value Tax and Coherent Ownership for Civilization, Les Miserables, Time Preference: the most under-appreciated mental trait

Political Critiques

Mostly responses to Feminism, SJWs and other strains of Cultural Marxism

Why I am not a White Nationalist, Throwing Women Under the Rotherham Bus, Princesses all the way Down, Rioting is the correct response to the wrong question, Society is Constantly Lying, Transsexuals are not your enemies, Everything makes sense if you know the truth, Waco, “News”, Assholes Gonna Asshole, My theory of the day: Feminism is not about men vs. women, but popular people vs. unpopular men, “Politics” is just Gossip, Moldbug, If Race is just a social construct, why can’t Rachel Dolezal be black? In 6th Grade, I Prayed Every Day for God to Turn me into a Mexican, Reality is a Social Construct, Pasting on our Plastic Smiles, The Marxist Meme-Plex as Cargo Cult of the Industrial Revolution, Democracy Fails Because Conservatives Suck at Opposing Liberals, everyone is searching for reasons to get offended and we’re killing ourselves, How Much anti-Psych Research is Funded by Guys who Think all Mental Illness is Caused by Dead Aliens? Anarcho-Tyranny, Who needs Nobel Prize Winners, anyway? Everything Adults say about Bullying is Bullshit, Bullying pt 2: Race, Crime, and the Police, Remember when Liberals gave a shit about the Environment? Women in Combat, Transsexuals Prove That Gender is Real, Women in Science–the Bad Old Days, Betrayal, Rupert Murdoch is a Lying Liar, Higher-Ups Argue about Women in Combat,

The Cathedral

Reading Ivy League publications so you don’t have to.

Update on the cathedralCathedral round up #2, Job Opening in Bullshit


Mostly other science topics

Bertlemann’s Socks, Are Useless things actually Useful? Chomsky on Foucault, The problem with seeing patterns is that sometimes patterns don’t exist, Convert Me, Vaccines, Is the Internet Making us Worse at Spotting Scams? Terrifying Things, Things that Hurt my Soul, No, you don’t “build up your immunity” by getting sick, Anonymous Sex with Strangers still Spreads Disease, Doh, Comets, Judging the gift by its cover: contents don’t matter, Scientific Nostalgia, Black reactions to white people tanning, Open thread / Links / Aaargh, Wimmins, Some Pictures of the ‘Stans, Happy 200 Posts! Come join the party, third worlders probably think our obsession with saving dangerous megafauna absurd, Some statistical notes

(I’ll probably update this in about 100 posts.)


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