Let’s Talk Math

Here’s a hypothetical for you. Suppose Population A and Population B both live in a country. Population A started the place. They built it from scratch–farms, roads, transportation networks, the whole sheboodle. Population B doesn’t do so well financially, educationally, or organizationally, but they sure do have a lot of kids. In fact, while PopA has a modest 2 kids per couple, PopB does its best to turn out 6 or 7.

Most of PopA is totally oblivious, but a few smart guys in PopA can do math, and realize that pretty soon, PopB will outnumber them. Some among them start claiming that if they let PopB run things, well, things’ll just stop running.

Ethically speaking should PopA do?

8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Math

  1. This is a very good question.

    What PopA should do, will, in the most part, be determined beforehand by what one considers the political relationship between PopA and PopB to be. If you think that PopB is entitled to the same political rights as PopA then your options are limited. In other words, if one considers PopA and PopB to be indistinguishable in an entity called PopZ in regards to political rights, then any differences between the two have to be resolved within the framework of PopZ. If you cross the line and say that the two are not politically equal then there are all kinds of options available.


  2. 1) WTF is wrong with PopA that they only 2 kids per woman? If they’re so gol-dern great, why aren’t they acting like it; 2) How TF can PopB afford to have 6 or 7 kids per woman. Someone’s feeding them, and it ain’t PopB. I call cheating.

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  3. Not only is PopA outbreeding, PopA is feeding PopB’s kids. PopB must be deported. Of course I have a large amygdala and fear disaster.


  4. What popA must do, if they are to survive, is separate the two populations. They can do this by removing all popB from the country into some far away territory where they beforehand build infrastructure, roads, hospitals, schools etc. and provide financial aide for say 20 years. This is ultimately wasted money and effort, since popB will eventually destroy this new country and will simply revert to the way of life they are genetically capable of but should be done by popA anyway to lessen the ability of others to guilt-bomb their grandchildren about treatment of Bs.

    One important consideration however, is the reason of popB presence in the As society in the first place. As well as their reproductive success.

    Is considerable segment of popA prone to pathological altruism and guilt? Another to status whoring and feeling morally superior to other As?

    If that is the case, a better long term solution for survival of popA is division of the country into two along ideological as well as popA/B lines. This will remove entire popB as well as the genetically most destructive part of popA. This, I think, offers remaining popA greatest chance of success.


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