White Women’s Tears

Did you know that white women cry a lot? And that it annoys the crap out of black women? I didn’t, either, but “White women’s tears” is a thing SJWs and anti-racists actually talk about. Apparently black women hate it when white women cry.

Some quotes from around the internet:

Picture 2

Picture 5

I bet "white girl tears" also works

Serena Williams Drinks, Bathes In, And Makes Lemonade With White Tears:

Picture 1

NOTE: That subtitle is from the article, NOT from me. The person who wrote the article is claiming that Serena Williams makes tear-ade, not me.

Some people even write scholarly articles on the subject, eg, “When White Women Cry: How White Women’s Tears Oppress People of Color” (PDF)

Betcha didn’t know that crying is a form of oppression.

The general sentiment is not just that white women cry a lot, but also that they do it specifically to avoid getting blamed for racism–like “crocodile tears,” implying that the emotions behind them are not real:

No one likes it when you cry.
From the Urban Dictionary


Personally, I’d never given tears a second thought (other than not particularly liking them,) until I stumbled upon these sorts of comments. If I cry, it’s because of emotions, not because I’m trying to avoid blame.

But I suspect these black ladies are actually on to something. White women probably do cry more than black women. No, not to get out of being called racist; they cry because they’re biologically inclined to deal with conflict by crying.

Peter Frost speculates that whites, particularly white women, have been selected for neotenous traits, like pale skin and hair. (Frost has a ton of posts on the subject, so I’m not going to link to them all; you can just go read his blog if you want the details on his argument. I’m summarizing as relevant here; please forgive me if I’ve accidentally mixed in some arguments from West Hunter; it’s hard to keep my thoughts tagged with original authors for too long.)

This implies that white women are more neotenous than black women.

In many traditional African societies, women basically raise their children on their own/with the help of their kin networks, leading probably to a genetic preference for polygyny rather than monogamy and a personality type that we might characterize as strong, independent women. As I have previously noted, these societies happen to be very likely ancestral to much of the US’s African population.

By contrast, the cold, harsh winters of the northern European climate forced people into monogamous relationships in which the men did a lot of the back-breaking agricultural labor. Actually, Frost argues that it started before the advent of agriculture, but with mate selection on the ice age steppes:

It seems that this evolution took place between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago—long after modern humans had arrived in Europe some 40,000 years ago. This is when Europeans acquired their most visible features: white skin, multi-hued eyes and hair, and a more childlike face shape. In my opinion, such features were an adaptation not to weak sunlight but to a competitive mate market where men were scarce because they were less polygynous and more at risk of early death. This situation prevailed on the European steppe-tundra of the last ice age, whose high bio-productivity made possible a relatively large human population at the cost of a chronic oversupply of mateable women. The result was an unusually intense degree of sexual selection.

The problem with living in close proximity to men is that men are violent and aggressive. Luckily, men appear to already have a neural subroutine for decreasing aggression: look/act like a baby. Being around babies or small children appears to make men less aggressive/reduces the quantity of the sorts of hormones that lead to aggression, which leads in turn to men being less likely to murder their own children.

The development of neotenous features in women thus both increased the chances of men bonding with them and wanting to care for them (the neural subroutine for bonding with and caring for children hopefully does not require discussion,) and  decreased their chances of being victims of male aggression as proximity increased.

Crying is chiefly a characteristic of babies and small children. Grownups cry far less; men have historically prided themselves (for better or worse) on not crying.

Tears are, for white women, an effective means of decreasing white male aggression. I’m not saying they’re a conscious strategy (though of course sometimes they are.) I’m saying that for thousands of years, white women who cried more were less likely to die childless than women who cried less. So most of the time, when they start to cry, it’s unintentional–they can’t help it. That’s just how they’re wired.

(Note: You don’t have to buy Frost’s line of reasoning to believe that white women cry more than black women; Greg Cochran attributes neotenous white features to selective pressure on white men to behave themselves in large social groups–the idea that “civilization” “domesticated” people; Rushton links longer infancy and childhood and late retention of neotenous features to brain development. There are many potential explanations, but one thing that does seem to be widely agreed upon is that whites are more neotenous than blacks.)

White women cry even when race isn’t being discussed (though this may not be obvious if your only interaction with white women is via SJW/anti-racist communities, where racism and women dominate almost all discussions.) White women love “tear jerker” movies, romance novels and women’s fiction, and all designed to make them cry. They weep over the Pope’s latest pronouncements. They cry about their hair and their weight and their makeup and just about anything, really. They probably even cry if you criticize their lab results. (Of course, if it’s a white dude who’s done nothing to contribute to the advancement of humanity but win a Nobel Prize in Physiology / Medicine for his discoveries of protein molecules that control cell division who says that white women cry [let’s not kid ourselves about the skin tones of most women in science,] then you’re an evil sexist woman-oppressor, rather than a brave social justice warrior helping create our new and better future by calling out racist white women for derailing the conversation.)

Black women, by contrast, haven’t been subject to the same neotenizing pressures. They simply aren’t wired to cry at the drop of a hat. To them, white women are acting like whiny babies:

white people are whiny babies

and thus the contempt for “white women’s tears.”

18 thoughts on “White Women’s Tears

  1. Women cry more than men because they’re weaker than men. A man has no incentive to do what a women wants because there’s nothing she can do to him. So women have had to devise other ways to get men to do what they want, crying, nagging, etc.


    • Evidence suggests that only white women cry in great numbers. The infantile route isn’t as useful to black women, who tend to be the heads of their own households, and Asian women are diagnosed with anxiety/depression/mental illness at far lower rates than white women.


      • Not true about Asian women. Asian women actually have the highest rates of neuroticism, anxiety/depression (which are not mental illnesses despite popular belief) and suicide idealization than other races of women. They are also the most neotenic of all races of women.


  2. I’d propose female tears have less to do with avoiding male aggression and more to do with resource extraction. Also, it seems Whites are generally more melancholic than other races.


    • Whites are depressives. Even Asians seem better-adjusted.

      I suspect you underestimate the difficulties of being smaller and weaker than the people around you, always. Women can’t win fights. Their only hope against male aggression is to hope that men won’t be aggressive.

      Resource extraction seems trivial. Even traditionally, women have run the households and thus have a rather large say over finances. Take Japanese women, for example, who set their husbands’ lunch allowances as part of household budgeting, (female budget control is regarded as one of the impediments to increased consumer spending economists keep trying to encourage in Japan.) Married women are rarely left to by their husbands to starve, nor do they lack for clothes or resources for their children, and single-motherhood etc. haven’t been the traditional European norm.


      • People of NW Euro descent are actually on average less prone to depression and neuroticism than East Euros, South Asians and any Mongoloid population.


  3. About a hundred years ago, Sojourner Truth asked, “Ain’t I a woman?” because White men and women treated her like a beast of burden for most of her life and denied her femininity. Much like the writer of this article.

    Black woman have either been taught or have learned on their own through life experience that their tears mean almost nothing to White men and women. While the world rushes to comfort a White woman who cries, tears by Black women are met with indifference, scorn, glee, contempt, or anger.

    I watched a video on YT where a White woman and a Black woman were involved in a screaming match about parking spaces. The police arrived and comforted the crying White woman, then walked over to the Black woman and threw her face down on the ground and cuffed her. The Black woman was eight months pregnant and crying herself. The police didn’t care. Neither did the White woman.

    Black women who read this, whether you’re at work, at school, at home, or minding your own business, when a White woman in your vicinity cries, walk away. Do not linger to comfort her, explain to her or others, discuss with her or others, or argue with her or others. Doesn’t matter what vile names she called you prior to her outburst. Or whether she cut you in line, or took something from you, or lied about you, or even committed a crime against you then started crying about her foul behavior. Don’t bother to defend yourself. You will not be believed. Walk far away from her. Because when those tears come, the knife follows right behind. That knife is aimed square between your shoulder blades.

    You will lose privileges like your job. Your clean driving record. Your community standing. You may even be arrested…

    White woman tears are a form of passive aggression and manipulation, displacement of blame, avoidance of responsibility, revenge, malice, and glee-filled spite.

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    • Given to the fact that they do it so often, as I have experienced myself too many times, do you think that meeting that lying girl in a dark ally and teaching her a very important and brutal lesson isn’t a good option. Seriously, how many times are Black people and Brown people going to just sit there and take it when White people commit acts of violence or malice against us after hearing lies from a White girl while she cried her crocodile tears? These are the same people that bombed Black churches and tried to keep our ancestors down during the Civil Rights Movement and before that time. These are the same people that have done nothing about the KKK that still live happily in America despite all of us knowing how many innocent POCS the group has killed since it’s beginning. Stuff still happens now. And now Trump, one of the most racist candidates we’ve even seen is president. Black Lives do matter and so do Brown Lives, Yellow Lives, and Red Lives (Native Americans). This year, we need to all ban together and create an agenda for all of us to follow. We need to stop protesting in the streets and devise another way to get what we want and we need to be sneaky about it this time because I’m done doing things out in the open. Fellow Black Americans and other Non-White Americans, we need to start an education revolution among our people, start a secret alliance, and take back what is ours. Who’s with me?

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  4. Everyone deals with racism, it’s about how you deal with it that seperates you.. I’m white have had racist shit and hatred towards me for a long time especially as a kid from mainly Latino asian and middle eastern people but also quite a bit from african Americans.. I grew up in the Bay Area which is very diverse but I can’t step foot in some east oakland neighborhoods because I’m white I’ll get harrassed and probably robbed if I don’t comply which has happened a couple times if that’s not racism I don’t know what is. If a black person is just walking down a white suburban area there’s likely nothing will happen unless he’s loitering or doing something out of the ordinary (and don’t be obnoxious saying he’s black walking in a white neighborhood there’ll be problems because that’s not true where I am from) and he’s definitely not going to be robbed beaten up or called out by his race. You just need to let that shit go those people that do or say terrible things that hurt you will be dead eventually! This social justice shit is pushing back progress not making it… It’s social regression.. Do you want people to embrace you or walk on egg shells around you its your choice… In the white community the shit pot is stirring white people I know that were never racist are becoming racist because they think there’s a race war you’re creating another wave of intolerant people. It’s sad we were heading into a better time with great progress and now it’s looking ruined. Ghandi defeated the English of all people with peace and tolerance and everybody loved and respected him and his people for it it was moving no matter who you were.. I think there’s something to be had in this statement, screaming and yelling only causes resentment.


    • To be fair, Gandhi was murdered by one of his fellow countrymen. People thought non-violence was a good strategy when it advanced their own ends, but when he took a stand in support of India’s Muslims, he was assassinated.

      I’m not sure what the moral of this story is, but you can make your own.

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    • Oh, here we go again! The whole “You calling people out for their racism towards you is making people racist or more racist” argument. You assume once again that POCS are hurting this country just by fighting for social justice just because you’re afraid your comfy, little lifestyle is going to taken away if you are asked to stop being so rude and unfair to others. To add to that, you bring a time in your life where you “dealt with racism from minorities” and would feel “unsafe walking in their neighair hood because you’re afraid they’ll harass you about your race and steal from you”! Whathe a load of bull! You are just as bad as the stupid author who wrote this crappie article. Nobody is trying to stir up trouble just because they are calling White girls on their inability to take responsibility for their actions or apologize for said actions when they have truly done something rude and offensive to a person of color. I can’t condone extremists who want to kill anyone that is White without any justification, but I sure as hell won’t accept you insinuating that trying to make this society we live in fair and peaceful for all as regressive. Just because a few SJWS take things too far or some Black and Brown people were racist to you, doesn’t mean any SJW or Black and Brown person wanting to speak out against cruelty is just searching for trouble! Just like you, we are all try to get by in life and the way some White people treat us or convince others to treat us is holding us back. You trying to silence those who want peace and justice is not progressive, it is regressive and obnoxious. The only reason, you feel like it’s regressive is because the minute your one-sided ideas of a peaceful society is challenged by those who are treated poorly, you feel like them trying to rock the both is a threat BECAUSE RATHER THAN BEING STRONG AND ADMITTING SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE FIXED, YOU’RE WEAK AND CHOOSE TO BE WEAK AND INSECURE ABOUT THE SITUATION. If you really want progression then stop lumping every progressive with a few bad eggs in the group. Either do that or go cry those crocodile tears and eat out of a tub of ice cream while complaining about how people of color who call you out on your rude behavior are “soon mean”.

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  5. Your article has pretty much confirmed what i though. Black people have no tears. I have seen black people sobbing over a loss or breakup, but i have never seen tears no wonder blacks dont like white women to cry, because the cannot. That does not mean they dont feel the pain, they just do not have tears. So no need to cut down white women for crying. The reason i saw this article in the first place is because i was curious why black people never cry tears even when they are in obvious pain. At first I thought they were fake crying because instead of tears whey are loudly waling and rolling arround the floor. So what is up with that?


    • Oh my goodness. Are you for real? All Black people cry, I cry, we all cry, just not always in public or for petty reasons like you guys tend to. You cry just to guilt trip others and have people come to your aid. Keep it up, and next time you little Boys and Girls who cry wolf are in real danger, people will not come to save you or want to, especially not Black people who are usually nice to you people (sometimes a little too nice, to the point where it’s passive aggressive). I swear after what I’ve experienced, some of you truly deserve hugs and comfort while others deserve two armor-piercing slaps to the face and a loss of their job or jail sentence. I’m getting real tired of the $&@%, bruh.

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