Society Constantly Lies: A Theory

Let’s suppose there’s a group that society thinks is totally awesome and deserves social resources to protect, honor, and generally help them succeed.

For example, let’s suppose society really loves old people. They are given places of honor at family and cultural events, politicians make speeches about the importance of old people to society’s success, etc.

Any mistreatment or abuse of old people would be seen as a very serious problem, and any stories on the subject–the more sensational the better–would prompt total outrage.

By contrast, stories about an actually despised and persecuted outgroup would excite nary a yawn from people who don’t give a crap about them.

As a result, news outlets, blogs, etc., benefit from running sensationalist stories about mistreatment of society’s most favored people, and avoid yawn-worthy stories about the outgroup. As a result of that, the average person will be constantly inundated with stories about how this group they love is being horribly abused, leading to a completely false, out of proportion perception that the beloved group is actually one of the most persecuted in society.

Anyone who questions whether the beloved group is actually the most persecuted in society will of course be seen as a delusional hate-monger attempting to further the beloved group’s persecution. This makes reality very difficult to perceive/determine/discuss, while further cementing the dominant position of the beloved group.

Things could be further complicated if some parts of society actually value different groups. So some folks who do not particularly value old people could provide endless fodder for the group that does value old people.

It is pretty easy, especially in retrospect, to think of scenarios in which society has gone totally nuts trying to protect an already protected group against a basically imaginary predator. The conviction of Germans in 1935 that Jews were out to destroy their country and had to be stopped at all costs comes immediately to mind. Pol Pot’s genocide of 1/3 of Cambodia was probably motivated by similar concerns.

Closer to home, children are a highly cared for and protected group, and society demands they be protected from all dangers–including occasionally totally fictional dangers like Satanic Daycares.
Prediction: If the theory is true, then there should be at least one (perhaps multiple) group in society that is incorrectly believed to be oppressed while actually in a position of great power. You might even find that the group/s most popularly believed to be oppressed is actually one of the most popular/powerful.
Someone who doesn’t mind being hated by everyone could put together data on whether or not some of society’s favorite groups are actually being oppressed or not.

12 thoughts on “Society Constantly Lies: A Theory

  1. “…It is pretty easy, especially in retrospect, to think of scenarios in which society has gone totally nuts trying to protect an already protected group against a basically imaginary predator. The conviction of Germans in 1935 that Jews were out to destroy their country…”

    This is a bad example because the Jews/communist were out to destroy the country. During WWI the communists fomented strikes which hampered the war effort. The ones in charge of this were Jewish. I’m not going to argue they lost the war for the Germans but it certainly easy to argue they weren’t helping any. There were numerous armed uprisings with Jews in control to take over the State after WWI. If industrialist had not paid for private armies to fight them Germany may well have become communist. The Germans knew about the absolute carnage and mass murder in Russia which was taken over by the Jews. They wanted no part of it. The Jews also declared war on the Germans publicly as a group before any restrictions were placed on them. The Jews were also largely responsible for the inflation meltdown of their currency through speculation. They are at this time doing the exact same thing in the USA. It seems every where the Jews go they attempt to control the population while at the same time being involved in very morally reprobate financial transactions that fall heavily on the original population. Not all Jews are like this and not even the majority. It’s the same with Blacks. Not all are violent but you’d be a fool to move into a majority Black neighborhood because the odds of you being abused/killed/whatever would be extremely high. Letting Jews control all of your country, media and banking entails the same risk.

    I think you said you were Jewish. My advice would be to move away from the US as fast as possible as the PTB are eventually going to collapse the dollar and any fool can see that the Jews own practically the whole system. The election process they own through mass infusions of cash in the primaries against anyone who disagrees with them, media control and in some cases out right fraud. The media…well we all know who controls it. The banks, the same. It’s exactly like Weimar Germany. The Jews have already declared war, 9-11. The media can cry conspiracist are nuts all they want but building #7, which was not hit by a plane, had a few fires and fell, with the roof almost perpendicular, the same speed as a bowling ball dropped in free air for around 108 feet. This is impossible. Even molten steel columns have “some resistance”. All that’s left to fulfill the same repressive conditions as the Weimar Republic is a collapse of the currency. This will happen eventually because the method of creating currency in the USA is stupid. It’s all debt based so that even to pay back debt that was entered into to make the currency you have to go further into debt. The end result being who ever is in charge of creating debt eventually owns everything. This mentally ill system can not last and will eventually collapse the economy as debt will over time always overtake growth.

    My advice once again is to run as fast as you can. The Jewish leaders I think have some idea in the back of their minds they can control the population but I doubt it will be so when the economy crashes. Maybe they think they can use the NSA and the Homeland Security to control things. The problem is the country is covered with guns and ammunition. Just the people with hunting licenses in one State, Pennsylvania , out number all the troops in in the US armed forces. If the Jews try to do in the US what they did in Russia and Germany not only will they fail they will be done forever.


    • I have never claimed to be Jewish, but I have known many Jews in real life, who have all been kind and trustworthy.

      “Jews” as a whole aren’t trying to do anything. The conservative ones just want to make sure everyone is eating Kosher food and bathing properly, and the liberals are overwhelmingly marrying gentiles.

      I am aware of the Jewish history in German (and European) academia prior to WWII. It is rather similar to the current state of things, where pretty much *everyone* who goes to college becomes a campus radical. Jews adopt the dominant college culture just like everyone else.

      Communism was the intellectual idea of the age (anarchism never got that much traction in Eastern Europe,) and has its roots in Christian teaching, Christian communal societies like the Mormons, Quakers, and thousands of monasteries, and generalized Enlightenment thought. Les Mis is proto-communist. The vast majority of German intellectuals were not Jews, and the vast majority of Jews were not German intellectuals.

      The idea that some peasants in the Ukraine or Poland had anything to do with intellectuals in Berlin is just silly. These guys don’t even like each other–the German intellectuals were seen as having abandoned Judaism in order to be more German; the guys in the countryside were seen as illiterate, embarrassing, superstitious peasants. They even have slurs for each other. This is as sensible as saying that whites are out to destroy America just because most communists are white.

      The majority of bankers weren’t (and aren’t) Jewish.

      Frankly, people do an awful lot of whining. Oh, white privilege! Male privilege! CisHeteroNeurotypical privilege! I class everything people say about Jews in the same box. People make their own trouble, and then like to blame everyone else for it. No one in history has killed more Germans than one angry Austrian guy.

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      • “…I have never claimed to be Jewish…”

        My mistake. I could have sworn that you said you were. Of course saying “I never claimed to be doesn’t mean you are not”.

        My feeling about Jews are they make the same mistake over and over and over and over… It’s hard to keep blaming everyone around you for your problems when every single country they’ve been to in any large numbers they’re eventually thrown out. I think the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. Not every single one but a very large amount compared to people who are not Jews.

        If you assume the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths you’ll never be surprised. Amazing how consistent this one idea is towards revealing the truth.

        People don’t believe this because ALL of us relate to others by thinking that they have the same thinking patterns as we do. We even do this with Animals.

        All of the Jews ancient writings are nothing more than a manual for psychopaths to live by. The Talmud is nothing but one psychopathic thought after another. The Talmud “great enlightenment” basically says that everyone not Jewish is there to serve Jews. All their property is really the Jews. No one is really human unless they’re Jews and their lives don’t matter.

        Jews have the same pattern over and over because it works. They go to another country. They say the last country oppressed them and they’ve always been oppressed because they love God and only serve him.

        They rise to the top of the country by these methods. They flatter the people who control the country, get them in their debt. Possibly black mail them. They take control of the information and media of the country. After this point the country goes down rapidly. Here’s where the psychopaths always mess up. They have no off switch. Have you ever watched a documentary on wolverines? They are just like wolverines. Wolverines are insatiable eaters. They will eat til they pass out. The Jews are they same. Anyone can get rich if all they do is pursue wealth constantly. This obsession is worse for the Jews as there is nothing they will not do. Psychopaths have no shame so they will do any crime or break any taboo to get money and power. Psychopaths think that the rest of are stupid and we deserve to get taken for being idiots. It’s not really a crime to con people because victims deserve what they get.

        Psychopaths having no empathy themselves can only go by the feedback they get from the people they are exploiting. So they push and push to see what they can get away with. The normal people build up resentment towards them. Thinking “surely they will reform or repent” like a normal person who does wrong. Of course the Jews do not. They don’t have the mental process for reform. Then in a huge mass outpouring of hate for the Jews, fed up with the refusal to reform their behavior, they attack and/or deport them. In this stage of the cycle the Big/Rich Jews escape and the little Jews are attacked.

        Start over.

        Jews are always telling us they are not like us. I believe them. Maybe I’m wrong but you will find great coherence if you think of the Jews as a tribe of psychopaths and you will never be surprised.

        Henry Kissinger quote, “Any people who have been persecuted for two thousand years must be doing something wrong”.


      • Do you really think someone with any kind of tribe would have been praying to get turned into a Mexican?

        As I said, Jews have been kind to me. When I was a kid and [bad thing happened to my family] it was our Jewish friends who picked me up, fed me dinner, and gave me somewhere to sleep that night.

        I could cite a dozen other such examples of kindness, like the time a group of Jewish friends surprised me on moving day by packing all my stuff and loading it up for me. Psychopathy doesn’t explain such behavior.

        I have attended synagogues as part of my anthropology fieldwork. The sermons have been on topics like, “how to use modern technology to do helpful things,” and, “You can be friends with people who are different from you.” Oh, and there was one on how you shouldn’t say things that embarrass other people. No one is sitting around saying, “Let’s take over the media! I hate goyim!”

        Have you read the Talmud? It’s over 6,000 pages long. Here is a randomly selected section. It appears to deal with properly measuring land for sale. The word “Jew” does not appear in it, nor non-Jew, Gentile, Goy, or outsider; as far as I can see, there is no discussion at all of different ways to measure land for Jews vs. non-Jews. I might have missed something, since my eyes tended to glaze over as I read, given that law is kinda boring.

        Of course, an honorable person stands by those who have been stood by them.

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  2. “… Psychopathy doesn’t explain such behavior…”

    I said,”not all, not even the majority”. I believe the psychopaths in charge of the Jews hurt the Jews just as much as they hurt non-Jews. They have them in a constant state of agitation that they’ll be killed by the evil Gentiles. If you are raised to believe this it’s much easier to behave in ways that hurt Gentiles. Your experience does not make a people. There are White guys who are evil serial killers but not all White people are serial killers.

    As for the Talmud. You yourself said,”It’s over 6,000 pages long”. There are passages that say exactly what I said. I believe the Talmud is a glimpse into the mind of the Jews. How could it not be? It’s the commentary of their leaders.

    “Let’s take over the media! I hate goyim!”

    They don’t have to take over the media they own it. I’ll tell you one result of them owning the media that is extremely detrimental to the citizens of the USA. On 9-11 World Trade Center building #7, not hit by a plane, fell for roughly 108 feet the same speed as a bowling ball dropped in mid air from the same height. This is impossible. The building had a few fires on three or four floors. No way could those fires make the building fall in the first place much less at the same speed as a bowling ball with the only resistance below it being air. It can’t happen./ Even molten steel has some resistance. The building was blown up or demoed in some fashion so that there was no columns supporting it when it fell. The Jews own or control ALL major media in the US and they don’t cover the biggest story ever????

    Videos released by NIST due to the freedom of information act show reporters walking into the back of building #7 through to the front and up in the building AFTER the North tower fell. Supposedly the North tower started all the fires and destruction that made building #7 fall. Yet we see none of that.

    There are also videos showing building #7 an hour or so before it collapses. There is no all consuming fire.

    Fireman retired so now he can talk. He was right next to the damn building. Says,”…there was an explosion and the building came down…”

    Here’s a video of Geraldo interviewing an engineering architect about building #7.

    Excellent article on building collapse without calculations

    Click to access LeggeVerticalCollapseWTC7_6.pdf

    Now you may think I’m an evil person but I didn’t always think this way. It was 9-11 that made me think this way after much research. I don’t like Jews because of what they’ve done.

    “…As I said, Jews have been kind to me. When I was a kid and [bad thing happened,] it was our Jewish friends who picked me up, fed me dinner, and gave me somewhere to sleep that night.

    I could cite a dozen other such examples of kindness, like the time a group of Jewish friends surprised me on moving day by packing all my stuff and loading it up for me…”

    There’s a lot of evidence that the Jews have been wrecking countries for thousands of years. You think maybe, possibly, if they were good at it they could always do a lot of little kindnesses while destroying your country at a higher level? If they are psychopaths this would just what they would want.

    Here’s an outstanding chapter on a psychopath named Stanley. Look what he does. It’s quite amazing. Stupendous even. If you look at his actions they mimic some the same behaviors of the Jews.

    “The Mask of Sanity”. Excellent book. Free online.

    P.S. One reason people believe 9-11 folks are idiots is there are a TON of sites that have the most ridiculous nonsense ever on them. Tiny nukes, ray beams, green screen airplanes. Of course all these sites are put out by the people who blew the building up to make anyone who questions them look like an idiot. There’s plenty of good info out there. Even the fake sites are good info because to be credible they have to release SOME true info. It’s like Pravda in the old USSR. You have to read between the lines and correlate that which is true and false.


    • Hey, Sam, Sorry it’s been a while. Life’s been rough, and I just spent two days of blog-time researching something that turned out to be a total red herring due to someone else confusing two similar-sounding but quite different biology terms. (Weirdly, even when I’m so tired it’s difficult to speak, I can still manage to type at a reasonable pace.)

      So while I do try to give ideas a fair shake, there does come a point when I am exhausted and have to do something else (sleep), and unfortunately I’ve more or less hit that point. But if it’s any consolation, this is hardly the first time I’ve heard theories about 9-11.

      Back to the main subject, “some Jews are psychopaths” is not the same statement as “Jews are psychopaths,” just as “some Jews wanted to overthrow Germany” is not the same as “Jews want to overthrow Germany.” We might as well note that there were plenty of Gentiles Germans who also wanted to overthrow the German state, and therefore claim that “Gentiles wanted to overthrow Germany;” such a statement would be equally factual. The original statement, “The conviction of Germans in 1935 that Jews were out to destroy their country…” is false, as neither a majority of Jews desired the overthrow of Germany nor were the majority of Jews ever organized toward such ends, no matter what you think about some Jews.

      For that matter, white elites are working to destroy their own countries, too. Black elites generally pillage their countries. Latin American elites do the same thing. The elites of most Asian countries are probably fine with screwing over their own people, too. Pretty much everyone, everywhere, is looking out for themselves.



      • “…hardly the first time I’ve heard theories about 9-11…”

        Not a theory. It is physically impossible for a building to fall in the manner building #7 fell with the few fires it had. It even more, if there’s such a thing, impossible for it to fall relatively horizontal when the supposed damage was just to one side.

        Your arguments are exactly the same as the Jews. Much semantics while glazing over the substance. I’m talking about large averages. I believe you know this. You talk about little old ladies with coupons. I call this Jew dust. You know the way gorillas throw dust in the air to look stronger. Jew throw factoids in the air to make their case seem stronger. Anything but cover the basics. The Jews own all the major media. Fact. They have to know that the actions of building #7 are definitive proof that the building was demoed. After all it’s they that are always telling us how smart they are.

        Your statement about various Whites working to destroy the country have nothing to do with the Jews. Many of the Whites doing this find it financially advantageous to do so seeing as how the Jews run most everything. They do so by controlling choke points. Example the media, another example the electronic ballot machines, another example if you disagree with the Jews they spend a vast amount of money in the primary elections to get rid of you. All the politicians know this.

        The Jews that tried to overthrow Germany after WWI were agents of the USSR and received funds from them. If they had not been defeated it’s very likely the death rate of Germans would have been much higher than the death rate for them fighting against the Jews with Hitler. Solzhenitsyn said around 60 million Russians died from the Jews takeover of Russia. That may be wrong but 30 million is probably a low number. One of the first laws of the USSR was to make antisemitism and owning a copy of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” death sentence penalties.

        Voltaire said “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

        As for the Jews being tribe of psychopaths. That doesn’t make all of them psychopaths. It does mean many of their leaders are and they are just as capable of deceiving the non psychopath Jews as they are the gentiles. Also nerdy Jews when they’re young have nothing to do with what happens when they grow up. It seems to me they start being more “Jewish” or ethnocentric when they hit their thirties. Maybe it just takes Jews much longer to mature. Just a theory I have.

        You’re interested in evolution and populations. You ought to look at this guys site. He’s half-Jewish and not a psychopath. He says the Jews have a large percentage of Neanderthal in them and explains their hatred for everyone else. Their hatred for everyone else has been commented on for thousands of years.


    • PS” Just reading “The Mask of Sanity,” and still wondering how many Jews you’ve even been around. Jews aren’t particularly charismatic or charming–if anything, they’re dorks. They’re the awkward kids in school who mostly work hard, like watching Star Trek, and can’t get a date to the prom. They don’t particularly beat their spouses or overcharge their bank accounts. The worst you get out of the average Jew is a little old lady aggressively trying to use an expired grocery store coupon. You’re trying to argue that the collective is doing things the individuals are terrible at.


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