Evergreen State and why Whites Can’t be Allies

Evergreen State is the sort of small-potatoes college that I don’t normally focus on in my regular Cathedral Round-Ups. It accepts 98% of applicants— 1,707 out of 1,744 in a recent year–with an average SAT score of 1084. According to Pumpkin Person’s conversion table, this works out to an average student IQ of about 112, too low to benefit from college instruction.

You have probably already heard about the recent protests at Evergreen State, in which students have gone completely insane in response to a professor objecting to segregation. Here is a decent article, though by the time this posts there will probably be a variety of new developments.

The students themselves are morally repugnant, but it is unsurprising that sometimes people say and do stupid things. Like terrorist “incidents,” leftist students turning on their professors and trying to destroy their lives is now routine, surprising to no one but the professors themselves, who until the attack descended saw themselves as good leftists.

The left’s power to destroy their own depends on their cultish claim to a monopoly on morality. To be liberal is to be a “good person,” an identity people cling to even as they are attacked and their lives destroyed by “their own side.” The entire construct is built on the desire to not be racist, America’s “Original Sin,” and thus attacks hinge on claims that the professor actually is racist.

All of these attacks would stop, of course, if universities simply declared that they don’t care if professors are racist or not. After all, students regularly protest over matters like cafeteria meal plans or housing, but universities ignore these protests and they die quickly. Universities don’t care if you like their food, but they are deeply invested in leftist ideology and its promotion.

These protests aren’t motivated by anything a normal person would call “racism”–leftist professors are pretty good at avoiding anything that looks like conventional racism–but bad allyship.

An Ally, in SJW-speak, is a “privileged” person who has dedicated themselves to helping the “unprivileged.” For example, a straight person might be an LGBT ally or a white person might be a black ally.

In politics, allies work together for their mutual benefit, typically against a common enemy. An alliance between the US and Britain or Germany and Japan is supposed to help both countries. An alliance between whites and blacks would therefore be to the mutual benefit of both parties. Whites would defend blacks from harm, and blacks would defend whites from harm. Neither group would attack each other.

But “white allies” are not working for the benefit of white people. They’re working against their own self-interest. This is where the whole matter breaks down, because privilege theory teaches that whites, as a whole, have benefited from the oppression of black (and brown) people. The promotion of white interests is therefore in direct opposition to the promotion of black interests.

The “rules for allies” are pretty simple:

  1. Shut up and listen to the black people
  2. Do what the black people tell you to do
  3. Don’t protest that you know more about racism or fighting racism than they do
  4. Leave black people alone and don’t take over their events and spaces

This is all perfectly sensible if you are a black person trying to promote black interests, but not particularly in the interests of anyone who isn’t black.

Professor Weinstein objected to a “Day of Absence” in which SJWs wanted all white people to stay off campus for the day, leaving the space solely for POC enjoyment. (As though universities were some kind of social hall and not money-making businesses.) Weinstein saw this as forced segregation aimed at himself at a place where he is, after all, not merely socializing but trying to earn a living. Of course the “Day of Absence” is being portrayed as “entirely voluntary,” but somehow refusal to take part is being met with screaming protests, violence, and general campus shutdown.

Weinstein’s version of fighting racism involves treating all people equally, not harming people like himself. The protesters’ version requires whites to give up their own self-interest in order to benefit others–indeed, anti-racists call for the abolition of “whiteness” entirely. But of course this is not an alliance, and is why “allies” are never treated as such, but with barely concealed hatred and disdain. Weinstein’s desire to not be segregated solely because of his race is so shocking to these people that they have actually responded by violently hunting him down and driving him off campus.


Edited to avoid confusion–did not mean to imply that 112 IQ is stupid, though many Evergreen students clearly are.

29 thoughts on “Evergreen State and why Whites Can’t be Allies

    • Too low to benefit from college instruction (that’s estimate at 120), not from any schooling. In practice they probably learn (inefficiently) practice basic arithmetic and reading skills they failed to learn in high school.


    • Almost everyone can benefit from some schooling, but almost everyone also reaches a point where more school or learning more complicated subjects does nothing useful (it’s not like I could major in physics at Caltech, say. The material would be miles over my head.) The push to get more people into college–as a college degree becomes more and more necessary to get a decent job–means more and more people trying to take courses they aren’t actually qualified for. But colleges love taking people’s money, so the result is a proliferation of degrees in bullshit studies.


      • Legit but an iq of 112 can get you more then a degree in bullshit studies. There is a wide range of things beyond PhD in physics at Caltech and professionally school in being offended by rural White men.

        Even if gets you a degree in a middling paying indoor job you’ll likely be better off then 30 plus years on a factory floor or what have you.


      • Plenty of white collar jobs should not require a 4-year college degree to get. Students can learn these subjects easily in 1 or 2 years–or even in highschool. (For that matter, why should law and medical students take 4 years of some random college before starting law and med school? These could be combined into a single program.)

        My grandfather was an accountant, a job he got with nothing more than an 8th grade education and some self-study with books on accounting. I can’t get on board with the idea that ever-large swathes of society need to go spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and 4 or 5 years of their lives in a Marxist indoctrination center just to get a job ticket. That’s an absurd waste of time and resources.


      • What should be and what is ain’t the same thing but in the here and now folks with 112 iq’s can benefit greatly from the right college degree. Of course more so if they limited their student debt stuff


      • I kind of suspected something like that. It seems like, if a college or university wanted a fairly cheap way to improve ranking via acceptance rate, depending how much actual checking USNews and such do, having a bunch of sock puppet applicants start applications that will be obvious rejects would quickly boost numbers (a gradual increase in sock puppets each year could make it look more realistic…) Of course, I suppose it would be counter to the spirit of the rankings, unlike anything that goes on now…


    • “So, I have to ask, but with an acceptance rate like that, what did the rejects do wrong?”

      They misspelled their names on the application.


  1. The interaction of BLM and Bernie Sanders is instructive. Sanders is an elderly marxist who believes in economic class warfare. But the BLM activists believe in race warfare. They literally pushed him aside and shouted him down at his own rally. We are in an age of ethnic/racial identitarianism, and everything about you is secondary to your color. Weinstein, like Sanders, is a white devil, period, even though they identify as Jews not whites.

    In a period when whites comprised 90% of the US population, they could ignore blacks and browns and Jews and focus on internal family feuds. In the future, when whites are a minority, albeit the largest, they will have to band together against blacks and browns merely to survive. And make no mistake, the simmering race war now being conducted by underclass blacks against whites, which is largely restricted to the ghetto and its fringes, will become open race war and will extend to wherever the races interact, as it has now at Evergreen.

    Jews will have an existential problem in the future. They will be forced to identify as white by the very blacks and browns they would prefer to ally with. Another tragic future is in store for them.


    • “…Jews will have an existential problem in the future. They will be forced to identify as white by the very blacks and browns they would prefer to ally with. Another tragic future is in store for them…”

      I sure hope so. To clarify I want them to have trouble not to identify with Whites as a lot of us don’t want them.

      I notice they’ve begun protesting “cultural appropriation”. I also wish to protest “cultural appropriation” by Blacks of White culture. Like the wheel, transistors, antibiotics, automobiles, etc…you get the idea.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
    A beautiful day to be an ally.
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?…

    It’s a neighborly day in this beauty wood,
    A neighborly day for an ally.
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?…

    I’ve always wanted to have an ally just like you.
    I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.

    So, let’s make the most of this beautiful day.
    Since we’re together we might as well say:
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?
    Won’t you be my ally?
    Won’t you please,
    Won’t you please?
    Please won’t you be my ally?

    RIP Mr. R


    • I love Mr. Rogers. Here’s a great picture of him with a good thought from him.

      Mr. Rogers was a kind and wonderful Man but if he lived in the ghetto he would be murdered. Good thoughts are not reality. I wish they were but…they’re not. Some people have no or very little compassion for others and they must be repressed so that we can live.


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