Species of Exit: Israel

Israel is–as far as I can tell–one of the sanest, least self-destructive states in the entire West. (Note: this is not to say that I love everything about Israel; this is actually a pretty low bar, given what’s happening everywhere else.) Their people are literate and healthy, they have a per capita GDP of 36.5k, (33rd in the world,) and they’re 18th globally on the Human Development Index. They don’t throw people off of buildings or have public floggings, and despite the fact that they have birth control and the state actually pays for abortions, the Jewish population still has a positive fertility rate:

The fertility rates of Jewish and Arab women were identical for the first time in Israeli history in 2015, according to figures released by the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday….Jewish and Arab women had given birth to an average of 3.13 children as of last year.

According to Newsweek:

This high fertility rate is not simply an artifact of Israel’s growing ultra-Orthodox or Haredi population; the non-Haredi fertility rate is 2.6. (This is, by the way, a far higher fertility rate than that of American Jews, which is 1.9; the replacement rate is 2.3.)

Did you think we were getting through this without a Polandball joke? And they’ve managed to resist getting conquered by their aggressive and numerically superior neighbors several times in the past century.

Not bad for a country that didn’t exist 100 years ago, had to be built from the sand up, and is filled with people whom conventional wisdom holds ought to have been rendered completely useless by multi-generational epigenetic trauma.

Now, yes, Israel does get a lot of support from the US, and who knows what it would look like (or if it would exist at all,) in an alternative timeline where the US ignores it. Israel probably isn’t perfect, just interesting.

Harking back to my Measures of Meaning post, I propose that Israel has 4 things going for it:

Ethiopian Jews
Ethiopian Jewish member of the IDF

1. Israelis have meaningful work. Their work has been, literally, to build and secure their nation. Israelis have had to build almost the entire infrastructure of their country over the past hundred years, from irrigation systems to roads to cities. Today, Tel Aviv is a city with a population of 430,000 people. In 1900, Tel Aviv didn’t exist.

Unlike the US, Israel has a draft: every Israeli citizen, male and female, has to serve in the Israeli army. (Obviously exceptions exist.) This is not seen as state-run slavery but part of making sure the entire society continues to exist, because Israel faces some pretty real threats to its borders.

The IDF even has a special division for autists:

Many autistic soldiers who would otherwise be exempt from military service have found a place in Unit 9900, a selective intelligence squad where their heightened perceptual skills are an asset. …

The relationship is a mutually beneficial one. For these young people, the unit is an opportunity to participate in a part of Israeli life that might otherwise be closed to them. And for the military, it’s an opportunity to harness the unique skill sets that often come with autism: extraordinary capacities for visual thinking and attention to detail, both of which lend themselves well to the highly specialized task of aerial analysis.


I suspect–based on personal conversations–that there is something similar in the US military, but have no proof.

My anthropological work suggests that one of the reasons people enter the military is to find meaning in their lives, (though this doesn’t work nearly as well when your country does things like invade completely irrelevant countries you don’t actually care about like Vietnam.)

2. Like I said, Israelis have above-replacement total fertility–meaning that many Israelis hail from large families, with lots of children, siblings, and cousins. Israelis appear to have managed to achieve this in part by subsidizing births (which probably will have some long-term negative effects for them,*) and in part by explicitly advocating high birth rates in order to prevent themselves from being out-bred by the Palestinians and to show that Hitler what for.

*ETA: See the comments for a discussion of dysgenic fertility on Israel.

I have been saving this picture for so long3. Religion is so obviously a unifying force in Israeli life that I don’t think I need to detail it.

What about that fourth thing? Oh yes: Many of the Jews who don’t like the idea of “nations” and “ethno states” and “religion” probably moved to the US instead of Israel. The US got the SJW Jews and Israel got the nationalist Jews.

4. A sense of themselves as a distinct nation. As I’ve discussed before, this is not exactly genetic, due to different Jewish groups having absorbed about 50% of their DNA from the folks around them during the diaspora years, and of course a big part of the country is Arab/Palestinians, but there is still much genetically in common.

There is probably a lot I’m missing.

15han-2-master675Of course there are religious Jews in the US (and their numbers are growing relative to the secular Jewish population.) While Jews as a whole voted 70% for Hillary, only 56% of the Orthodox supported her. (I’ve seen different numbers elsewhere, but these are the ones I’ve been able to find a source for.)

(I suspect that America’s high-IQ secular Jews suffer from being in America instead of Israel. They don’t have religion to guide them, children to focus them, nor (in many cases) meaningful work. Without something positive to work towards, they turn to politics/ideology to provide meaning in their lives, while simultaneously suffering the psychological stress of knowing that the Holocaust was directed at people like them.)

But that’s irrelevant to Israeli Jews.

Long-term, I’m not bullish on Israel, given its precarious location, surrounded by nations that aren’t very fond of it–and I am not offering any opinions about the Israeli/Palestinian situation–but as first world nations go, it at least desires to keep existing.


13 thoughts on “Species of Exit: Israel

  1. Immediately upon clicking your article from the NRx link blog, I utilized the “find in page” option to search for “disg” and “dysg” – variant spellings of the word: “dysgenic”. The first search yielded no results, the second – an irrelevant result.

    The reason I did so is because no discussion of Israel can be complete without referring to the monstrous, atrocious dysgenic catastrophe that is the breeding environment of Israeli society. In this ever-escalating dysgenic catastrophe, the most intelligent Jews, secular Ashkenazi Jews from Germany, Austria, and the Baltic states, are tainting their blood with inferior Mizrahi, specifically North African, Jews, turning their precious progeny into Berberized and Arabized half-wits.

    The average iq in Israel is 90. You and my “fellow” HASBARA shilling Israelis can whine and kvetch and kibbitz all you want about how this is the fault of the Palestinian Muslims and all Jews everywhere are perfect. Falsehood! The fact of the matter is that even if you exclude entirely the Arab population from your assessment, the Jews in Israel are, taken on average, dumb, aggressive, superstitious, and incompetent. This is due to several reasons:

    The first is that the more intelligent an Ashkenazi is, the more likely he is to embrace leftist insanity and consequently fail to reproduce, becoming a “de-facto castrato”. The Haredim, who are mostly Ashkenazim, are breeding like rabbits – and you will find not a single Einstein among them, as hard as you search for one. Imagine white people, with an average iq of 100 at best, but absolutely no talent in any sort of art or in engineering. And no desire to do menial proletarian stuff either. Useless pieces of shit, the lot of them.

    Next reason. Most Israelis are not Ashkenazim. The majority is Mizrahi, with a fair percentage of mongrels, who, as is usually the case with mongrels, resemble their less developed ancestors. Not many pure-blooded Ashkenazim in here, and the pure ones tend to be the most sterile. Given your typical Jewish Israeli is a Berber with an iq of no more than 95, this country is destined to COLLAPSE within 3 or 4 decades tops. We will die, no one will save us, and thank KEK for that – my people deserve to perish.

    Thirdly, the Eternal Negroid. There is no abject hole in Israel not filled with fecund Ethiopians, Sudanese, and Eritreans (the former of the 3 are even called “Jews”) who are fast displacing even the Semitic stock in the poorer neighborhoods, practically turning this place into a Third World dumpster.

    Next, the Arabs: excepting the Christians and the Druze, who look hhhhwyte, the Arabs are invariably of such a type that’s unworthy of the oxygen it consumes. Inbred, violent, kultur-polluting garbage.

    And another reason still, among many others I can come up with on the spot, is the rootless and deranged Slavs, who congregate in many cities and towns, terrorizing you at night with their drunkenness, child-murder, prostitution (I know, I know), and the occasional homicidal mania. And they are not the worst by any stretch.

    In fact the Kavkazim, Bukharians, the Kurdic Jews, some Yemenites, and other such Asian riffraff are just as bad as the Slavs, or worse, because they are utterly useless.

    And these are merely preliminary remarks! You have written about wanting to hook-up your son with Moldbug’s daughter, or something similar. Well guess what! You’re not going to find too many Yarvins in Palestine, that’s for sure. Real high-quality high-iq Ashkenazim are extremely — unbelievably — rare in Israel. Inb4 muh scientific innovation – it’s all going down the drain, all those who could, from among the truly brilliant Jews, have long ago left Israel.

    Ultimately, above the Asiatic Slavs and the Negroids, above even the useless sacks of dog-piss that are “ultra-orthodox Jews”, above all that, fixed forever like a Grim Reaper’s Gravestone, towers the Moroccan, Libyan, Tunisian, and Algerian Jew, poisoning every healthy cell and every healthy tissue of the European-Jewish volk. The shills in the Judeo-Media will tell you none of it. But every time you visit Israel, just look and observe the people you find. You’ll be convinced both of anti-Semitism, and of the necessity to save as many “good Jews” from drowning in the brown sludge, within a short while. But resist the temptation! My race, Ashkenazi Jews, must die, and the world will see that all along we have been a Chosen People — Satan’s Chosen People, doomed to Hell, and only capable of raising a Hell-on-Earth wherever we go.


    • Thank you for your (obviously passionate) insights. Obviously from the outside, where I’m sitting, it is very hard to see what is truly going on in a country.

      Obviously the fact that Israel is the only 1st world country with anything resembling positive net fertility, and even there, the situation, as you paint it, sounds pretty dire, says a great deal.


      • I’m pretty far removed, and B can probably give a stronger rebuttal, but I know plenty of high IQ Ashkenazim who are orthodox/yeshivish with big families. The settler movement seems to have more than a few of this type, as well.

        There are some structural issues amongst the Jews, factionalism is a concern, but Evo’s main thesis seems solid to me. Compared to everyone else, Israel is in decent shape.


    • This is delightful. It reads like the first chapter of Eco’s “Prague Cemetary,” which I sadly can’t recommend because the rest of the book is boring.

      I would like to see you clean up your rhetoric a bit and present things more dispassionately, because it’s an interesting topic, but I’m afraid your obvious and all-too-understandable passion on the subject blunts your ability to communicate a useful analysis.

      Please don’t take that as an insult; it isn’t meant as one in the slightest.


  2. “(though this doesn’t work nearly as well when your country does things like invade completely irrelevant countries you don’t actually care about like Vietnam.)”

    Actually, morale in Vietnam was pretty high among ordinary soldiers and NCO’s, until about 1968 or so, when it became clear that the US Government had no intention of winning the war, and had no idea how to do so even had they wanted to. The US Army was pretty good in 1965, and the Middle and Working classes that supported them were pretty patriotic. It took a lot to beat this out of them. The US elites finally did it, though…

    Interesting article, overall. Thanks


    • Thanks.
      Pretty much all of the men of that generation in my family went to Vietnam; not all of them came back alive. My grandmother is still sad.
      I don’t have the necessary knowledge to judge whether we could have won or not. It seems silly that we didn’t, but there are always things I don’t know. But it seems like there was a pretty nasty backlash against the war; all of the family members I’ve talked to who actually survived it (working class bros to the last of ’em) didn’t want to be there and definitely didn’t want to get shot there.

      I suppose it’s easier to have high morale when you think you’re going to win easily than when it looks like you’re going to die in the jungle.


      • Thanks to all the men in your family who served. They deserved better leaders, and I certainly don’t blame them for being disillusioned. So much courage, so much blood, expended for nothing, so LBJ could win an election, and Nixon could say “Peace with Honor”.

        Personally, I think that we could have won, but as you say, there’s so much we don’t know. The true history of the 60’s has yet to be written.


      • It’s a horrible and evil disservice to tell Vietnam veterans that they fought for nothing. It’s also a bold faced lie. The leader of Singapore rightly noted that the fight against the Communist in Vietnam kept them occupied so that other countries in South East Asia could fight off the Communist insurgencies in their countries as there was one in just about every country in South East Asia.

        A simple look at geography will tell you the importantance of Vietnam. It sits right across the China Sea and has one of the best deep water ports in Asia. Look at how an early fall of Vietnam would have put all the other countries at risk of Communist takeover.

        So geographically it makes perfect sense to protect it. Let’s look at who was attempting to take it over. The USSR at the time had over 10,000 megaton yield nuclear weapons aimed at the USA and publicly proclaimed they would bury us. They sponsored insurgencies all over the world. According to Solzhenitsyn the Communist killed over 60 million of their citizens. At the same time China was lost to the Communist and were in the throes of a massive die off and mass killings of the the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution. Really scary stuff. The stuff of nightmares.

        After the Tet offensive the Viet Cong Southern guerilla forces were wiped out. After that it was Northern forces coming down and fighting. Nixon’s attack into Cambodia where they were preparing for a huge attack further set back the North and allowed time for the South to arm and train to defend themselves. This was working.

        The sole reason for the loss of the Vietnam War was the Democratic party. When the North attacked again Nixon had been impeached. Nixon promised air support in case of large scale attacks but he was gone. Ford attempted to do so but the Congress told him he would be impeached if he did so. With air support the fall of the South would NEVER have happened. The North’s final attack involved the largest amount of tanks since the battle of Kursk in WWII. Thousands of troops and tanks from the North were on trucks going down the limited highways. It was a complete turkey shoot. Instead the Democratic Congress voted the South a few hundred rounds of ammunition for each soldier and two hand grenades. The South ran out of ammo and lost. It’s as simple as that.


  3. You’re absolutely correct, Sam J, and I apologize. I was pissed off when I wrote that. Vietnam veternas did not die for nothing, they may have saved SE Asia from Maoism. It’s only too bad that they didn’t get to save South Vietnam and Cambodia, thanks to the Usual Suspects. The whole Vietnam business still makes me angry, the men who fought there deserved better.


    • I understand. I bothers me when people say that, it could never have been won. I know better. The history has been muddied but it’s there if you look for it. True the whole thing was mismanaged but all wars are. The whole time we were there we were balanced on a fine edge of applying force sufficient to hold back the North while not so much as to get the Chinese involved which would have been a disaster. Very difficult. Nixon was the smart one, hence the opening to China.


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