Terrorists are getting better at Terrorism

Courtesy of Saul Montes-Bradley‏ @Debradelai

Saul Montes-Bradley is the author of Gander: Terrorism, Incompetence, and the Rise of Islamic National Socialism

Data from 1981-2015 is from the State Department; 2016’s data is from Homeland Security. Note that this is global, not limited to the US or Europe; it’s also specifically terrorism, not guerrilla warfare or similar war-related acts.

Let’s assume the data is accurate and not biased by something like “we couldn’t get into this area to count how many attacks there were before 2000,” nor, “Well, before this was a ‘war’ and 3,000 people were dying from ‘warfare’ every year but now we’re calling it ‘terrorism’.”

Montes-Bradle attributes the massive, recent rise to Obama/Obama’s policies, but I note that the rise began in 2004–when Bush II was still in power–and had a local maximum in 2007–also when Bush II was still in power. Things improved during Bush’s final year in office, and continued improving (slowly) for Obama’s first four years in office, before jumping back to Bush-levels in 2013.

So: clearly something has changed, and I’m going to say it changed in 2004, though we might say 2001. But what? And why? I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the terrorists got serious about killing people. A lot of bombs and even airplane hijackers back in the 70s and 80s didn’t actually kill anyone, or if they did, casualties were fairly low. 9-11 marked a big departure from previous terrorism in that it actually killed a huge number of people, especially relative to the number of terrorists involved.

Terrorists are getting better at what they do because terrorists change their tactics much faster than governments change theirs. Terrorism mutates faster than governments can respond.

8 thoughts on “Terrorists are getting better at Terrorism

  1. You might like to read this which, in a different way, supports the claim:


    “I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the terrorists got serious about killing people.”

    They have always been serious about killing people. After 9/11 USG started getting serious about killing them.

    USG has killed more Muslims than Muslims killing Americans.

    You have to factor in the intentional destabilization of many Muslims countries and the fact that Europe and America have intentionally let millions of Muslims in and the fact that they have allowed them to commit acts of terror.

    France has now been in a state of national emergency for over two years. The solution to the problem is quite simple: intern all suspected Muslim terrorists and prepare them for either exile, execution, recruitment as double-agents or release them.

    The elite do not want to do this, however.

    The strategy of the Jihadists is to foment a popular backlash against Muslims in the expectation that this will unite the entire Muslim world against the West. They call it eliminating the “gray zone”.


  2. Most of the hajjis killed in Iraq, the a-stan etc are killed by other hajjis. Not sure if that was intentional, I mean its the smart play but the govt rarely makes the smart play

    The hajjis shifting to more low tech attacks was a major concern for awhile before the goat raping dick holes actually made the switch. I ain’t saying what the puzzle piece is, but once hajjis find it shit will get real nasty.

    The joys of diviserty never stop


    • I’ve always been vaguely surprised that we don’t get more terrorism than we do. I mean, it took people how long to figure out the “drive a car into a crowd” trick? Really anyone with a gun/knife/car who wanted to create chaos could. Grocery stores are full of food anyone can pick up and handle. Fast food workers have access to hundreds of people’s food every day. One nurse with Hepatitus and a drug problem infected hundreds of people before she was caught… It doesn’t take that much effort or thought to light things on fire, either.


  3. Oh, that makes great sense: “…the terrorists got serious about killing people….”

    Think mass media. Think information age. Think bad ideas spread like a disease.


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