So Cultural Marxism is just a “Conspiracy Theory”

Search for “cultural Marxism” on Wikipedia, and you get redirected to “Frankfurt School Conspiracy Theory“:

‘Cultural Marxism’ in modern political parlance refers to a conspiracy theory which sees the Frankfurt School as part of a movement to take over and destroy Western society.[52][53][54][55]

To clear things up, here’s some Cultural Marxism in action:

 Heterosexualism and the Colonial / Modern Gender System, by Maria Lugones, published by Hypatia Press
From Heterosexualism and the Colonial / Modern Gender System, by Maria Lugones, published by Hypatia Press



In 1933, the Soviet government, under the leadership of Joseph Stalin, recriminalised homosexual activity with punishments of up to five years’ hard labor. …

During the Soviet regime, Western observers believed that between 800 and 1,000 men were imprisoned each year under Article 121.[14] The precise reason for the new law is still in some dispute.[citation needed] … Whatever the precise reason, homosexuality remained a serious criminal offense until it was repealed in 1993.[16]

In the People’s Republic of China:

Even as late as the early 1980s, there were some Chinese men seeking asylum in other countries reported that they had faced systematic discrimination and harassment from the government because of their sexual orientation as well as similar mistreatment from family members [1]. Likewise, the Chinese government did treat homosexuality as a disease and subjected gay men to electric shock therapy and other attempts to change their sexual orientation [34]

And Palestine:

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) rights in the Palestinian territories are often spoken of in the geopolitical and cultural context of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It remains one of the most taboo human rights issues in the region. Homosexuality is illegal in the Gaza Strip but not in the West Bank, although LGBT rights are not protected in either. …

Gay Palestinians frequently seek refuge in Israel fearing for their lives, especially fearing death from members of their own families.[7] “According to lawyer Shaul Gannon, from the Israeli LGBT organisation Aguda, around 2,000 homosexuals from the Palestinian territories live in Tel Aviv at any one time.”[5]

Oh, I guess I have a few more:


Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro
Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro


But sure, Cultural Marxism isn’t real. Nothing to see; move it along.

18 thoughts on “So Cultural Marxism is just a “Conspiracy Theory”

    • Very succinct. Logically sound. I need to read that book eventually. I have the “buytoomanybooks” syndrome and buy a few every week.

      But yea Marxism sucks. Any type of Marxism/Communism doesn’t and cannot work. These systems only work in hunter gatherer society in bands of 50 or fewer people. That’s only where egalitarianism works, and even then they weren’t noble savages as is commonly said and I’m sure you know. But smaller bands and tribes are more likely to be more egalitarian and it is more likely to work under those circumstances (which aren’t feasible in today’s technological world).


      • RR, I was playing the troll there, albeit a sincere one.

        CM is a banner for rallying the troops, just like race realist, and just like race realist, the devil is in the details.


  1. I think you need a more specific definition of cultural marxism, to judge whether its a conspiracy or fantasy.

    Also something can be real in some ways, but in other ways the product of paranoid fantasy.

    “It doesn’t matter if there is a conspiracy in reality or not. Paranoia is in how you yourself think.

    In the classic example: a man can be paranoid that his wife is cheating on him, even if the wife actually is cheating. He might start obsessively documenting her activities, going on about a conspiracy by wives to cheat on their husbands, etc.”


    • I agree that the term is vague, but then, so are “liberal” and “conservative.”

      I’m trying to wade through an anthropology book on reindeer herding right now, and the author keeps yammering on about Marx instead of reindeer. It’s super annoying and I’m about ready to throw down the book and call it a loss–not because I’m unwilling to hear a Marxist argument, but because I picked up the book to read about reindeer. I encounter so much explicit Marxism in academia, it’s very strange to me that anyone would deny it.

      I don’t know if we can define it specifically, though.


  2. Marxism, in practice, is a form of “meek inherit the earth. ” Cultural Marxism is cranking the meekness up to 11. These are almost always humans incapable of navigating the modern world, well past the point of broken minds. I caught flak once for pointing out that an organism with a damaged reproductive drive would end up feeling pretty damaged.


    • But it doesn’t have to. Capitalism by it’s very nature has made our world a place where people in general are richer and healthier and live longer than ever before in the history of humanity. Of course there is still suffering and poverty, and capitalism can have (and does have) negative outcomes as well, but on the whole the world is a better place for humans to exist under capitalism. Billions of people have been lifted out of poverty in the past couple of decades. Chinese people are doing a lot better now under a sort of “controlled capitalism” than they did under the communism of Mao. Millions and millions of people died under communism. A combination of capitalism (+democracy) and some limited socialism (universal healthcare, well funded public services and schools) as is evidenced in most western European countries (and to an extent, the USA) is evidently a winning combination.


  3. Homosexuality is good when you’re trying to overthrow a capitalist society, because it undermines family and the economy. Straight men get married and work hard to support their wives and children, while gays just fuck each other all day.

    Once you have overthrown capitalism, gays are nothing but a nuisance and a health hazard, so off to the gulag they go!


  4. “Marxist-Leninist-Maoist”

    I wonder what the correlation is for complaining about imaginary oppression and radical left wing political ideologies is.

    Cultural Marxism surely isn’t a conspiracy theory. That’s just what Jews want you to think.

    And sure thing. Colonialism made differences between men and women. Evolution didn’t. Men and women are biologically the same. This is why women can beat men at the same rate they beat women of the same weight class in combat sports and why FtMs beat men and why MtFs can ‘pass’ as women.

    Oh wait. That’s all lies. Men and women are segregated for sports because physiological differences are too great. Didn’t a MtF beat down a woman MMA fighter? How’s the inclusion and equality there? These people deny biology for every major facet in life. Yet they cannot point to a single point in time where things were equal. Between the sexes.

    And last but not least, the funniest part is these idiots contradict themselves. Take the radical leftist feminists who say “Who commits 80 percent of crime? Men!!!” Well right there you are admitting the role of biology mediating differences between men and women. But they’re too stupid to realize it.

    When do you think we will wake up from this crazy dream?


  5. I do think it is kind of crazy to associate the Frankfurt School with a term like Cultural Marxism.
    At its core critical theory does not have any agenda associated with communism, gender or whatever. It is basically more of a technique to critisize that what exists … you could use it just as well to critisize overboarding gender mainstreaming or a socialist or marxist society.
    So basically everybody who uses the term cultural marxism has not understood at all what critical theory is while describing it as a root of evil.
    Critical theory has the potentential to be scary for anyone whose ideology is well established and holds Power. Therefore it makes sense associating non-related stuff with it and propagating it in form of a conspiracy theory.


  6. This doesn’t explain North Korea, which is universally hated even by the left.

    Cultural Marxism in the West has little to do with actual Communism as practiced throughout the world (actual communist countries tend to be more socially conservative than even right-wing Westerners).

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