Chimps, Dominance, and the Irony of Riots

protester beaten with hammer by Black Lives Matter protesters
Remember this guy, with his “Stop killing black people” shirt, who was beaten with a hammer by other Black Lives Matter protesters?

The anti-Trump riots/protests going on right now seem at first glance, to be highly counter-productive: most of the rioters live in highly liberal areas, so the majority of people they intimidate, assault, or rob are not Trump supporters, but actually on their own side.

Remember when a black cop shot a black criminal and blacks rioted, looting their own stores, and the criminal’s sister scolded them, telling them to “take that shit to the suburbs” because “we need our weaves!”?

Or when the citizens of Detroit rioted, burning down 2,000 buildings, thus driving out small businesses and the entire middle class base and sending the city into an economic death spiral?

Just as when watching small children run and scream on the playground, I am reminded here of Jane Goodall’s descriptions of chimpanzees, especially their dominance displays. Here is an account of one that went awry:

Just then Flint, six months older than Goblin, came bouncing up and the two children began to play, both showing their lower teeth in the chimpanzee’s playful smile. Flo was reclining nearby grooming Figan; Goblin’s mother, Melissa, was a little farther away, also grooming. It was so peaceful…. All at once a series of pant-hoots announced the arrival of more chimpanzees, and there was instant commotion in the group. Flint pulled away from the game and hurried to jump onto Flo’s back as she moved for safety halfway up a palm tree. I saw Mike with his hair on end beginning to hoot; I knew he was about to display. So did the other chimpanzees of his group–all were alert, prepared to dash out of the way or to join in the displaying. All, that is, save Goblin. He seemed totally unconcerned and, incredibly, began to totter toward Mike. Melissa, squeaking with fear, was hurrying toward her son, but she was too late. Mike began his charge, and as he passed Goblin seized him up as though he were a branch and dragged him along the ground.

picture-32Since you don’t have the benefit of having the entire book in front of you, I’ll explain what’s going on, just in case you’re confused: when two groups of chimps meet, or a male chimp enters a group of other chimps, it’s very normal for the males to engage in dominance displays (or just “display,” as Jane puts it.) These displays are aggressive and involve a lot of running around, waving and shaking branches at each other, and making noise, but don’t generally involve actual violence. By making it clear which chimp is the strongest, weaker chimps simply back down without getting into an actual fight.

When the males are about to display, all of the females, being smaller and weaker, grab their kids and get out of the way. Chimpanzee aggression is not normally aimed at chimpanzee children, who of course are helpless against a full-grown male. However, in this case, little Goblin didn’t realize what was going on, and Mike, in his all-consuming rage at the newcomers, didn’t realize that he had grabbed Goblin instead of a tree branch.

An then the normally fearful, cautious Melissa, frantic for her child, hurled herself at Mike. It was unprecedented behavior, and she got severely beaten up for her interference, but she did succeed in rescuing Goblin–the infant lay, pressed close to the ground and screaming, where the dominant male had dropped him. Even before Mike had ceased his attack on Melissa the old male Huxley had seized Goblin from the ground. I felt sure he too was going to display with the infant, but he remained quite still, holding the child and staring down at him almost, it seemed in bewilderment. Then as Melissa, screaming and bleeding, escaped from Mike, Huxley set the infant on the ground. As his mother hurried up to him Goblin leaped into her arms…

Normally, small infants are shown almost unlimited tolerance from all other members of the community; it almost seem as though the adult male may lose many of his social inhibitions during his charging display.”

Note that Mike is not normally aggressive toward infants–at another time, when Goblin got lost, Mike actually rescued him and stayed with him until Melissa returned for him. Chimps don’t really pair bond and so they don’t have “fathers” who care for their young the way their mothers do, devotedly, for years, but all of the males in a troop are likely to be related to the young in the troop in some manner, either as brothers or uncles or cousins or fathers, and so quite sensibly they do not generally try to kill their own relatives.

Mike’s urge to display in front of these newcomers was so strong that it completely overwhelmed his normal senses. The aggressive instinct is no mere luxury–showing that he is stronger than the other chimps is how Mike keeps his own troop safe.

picture-26There is a saying that “Democracy is war by other means.” The two sides line up, count their troops, and declares the side with more soldiers the winner.

Well, Hillary Clinton’s soldiers have refused to accept the headcount. They refuse to accept their new alpha chimp, and they are out there, rioting, protesting, displaying their strength. It doesn’t matter whether they display by grabbing a branch, an infant, or a smashed window. It doesn’t matter if they loot their own neighborhoods and light their own cars on fire. The message is still the same: We are Strong. We are violent. Don’t fuck with us.

As I noted before, when the chimps Jane was studying in the Gombe split into two groups, the chimpanzees of the Kahama region of the Gombe Stream went to war against the chimps of Kasakala in 1974:

The two [groups] had previously been a single, unified community, but by 1974 researcher Jane Goodall, who was observing the community, first noticed the chimps dividing themselves into northern and southern sub-groups.[2]

The Kahama group, in the south, consisted of six adult males (among them the chimpanzees known to Goodall as “Hugh”, “Charlie”, and “Goliath”), three adult females and their young, and an adolescent male (known as “Sniff”).[2] The larger Kasakela group, meanwhile, consisted of twelve adult females and their young, and eight adult males.[2] …

The first outbreak of violence occurred on January 7, 1974,[4] when a party of six adult Kasakela males attacked and killed “Godi”, a young Kahama male …

Over the next four years, all six of the adult male members of the Kahama were killed by the Kasakela males.[5] Of the females from Kahama, one was killed, two went missing, and three were beaten and kidnapped by the Kasakela males.[5] The Kasakela then succeeded in taking over the Kahama’s former territory.[5]

I have the luxury of reading this account after already hearing, at least vaguely, that chimps wage war on each other. To Jane–despite having observed chimpanzee belligerence for years–it came as a surprise:

The outbreak of the war came as a disturbing shock to Goodall, who had previously considered chimpanzees to be, although similar to human beings, “rather ‘nicer’” in their behavior.[7] Coupled with the observation in 1975 of cannibalistic infanticide by a high-ranking female in the community, the violence of the Gombe war first revealed to Goodall the “dark side” of chimpanzee behavior.[7] She was profoundly disturbed by this revelation; in her memoir Through a Window: My Thirty Years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe, she wrote:

“For several years I struggled to come to terms with this new knowledge. Often when I woke in the night, horrific pictures sprang unbidden to my mind—Satan [one of the apes], cupping his hand below Sniff’s chin to drink the blood that welled from a great wound on his face; old Rodolf, usually so benign, standing upright to hurl a four-pound rock at Godi’s prostrate body; Jomeo tearing a strip of skin from Dé’s thigh; Figan, charging and hitting, again and again, the stricken, quivering body of Goliath, one of his childhood heroes. [8]”

For all our talk of anti-racism, we are still just shit-flinging monkeys.


It is worrying indeed that we have drifted so far apart that liberals are violently displaying against conservatives, treating them like an entirely separate tribe to be beaten, dismembered, and destroyed.

And especially foolish since conservatives have the vast majority of guns and ammunition.

For all our talk of anti-racism, we are still just shit-flinging monkeys.
For all our talk of anti-racism, we are still just shit-flinging monkeys.

28 thoughts on “Chimps, Dominance, and the Irony of Riots

  1. Except, of course, if you asked most of my real life friends, there are only peaceful marches and terrible hate crimes, never mind that the only video evidence I’ve seen so far involves nasty taunting, which isn’t nice, and graffiti which, if it’s not an outright hoax, sure looks like something a 14-year-old boy would do to get a rise out of adults… But, anyhow, sometimes, lately, I wonder if all this worry about hate crimes is “preparing for the last war” as it were… Even to the extent that certain groups antagonize each other multiple times through history, this seems a little too obvious, and a little too similar to the typical history lessons most kids get. In terms of parallels, I’m more worried about close parallels with communist countries, which few under the age of 35 would be familiar with, at least in the US… (And not so much worried in a strict libertarian sense, despite my past…)


    • It’s like WWII is actually becoming more prominent in people’s minds over time, while more recent history, like Communism, the Cold War, the Fall of Yugoslavia, etc., have faded tremendously. I’m much more worried about America disintegrating like Yugoslavia did than about a repeat of WWII–we’re not going to put illegal immigrants in concentration camps and gas them to death, for goodness sakes, but we could descend into open urban warfare in which cities are ethnically cleansed, block by block.


      • I wss thinking of Yugoslavia earlier today. The thought makes me especially sad since (unlike a lot of people in “these parts”) I actually like living in a town with what you might call “Sesame Street demographics”, which is not to say I’d approve of forcing any particular mix of people on any location–free association is a very good thing, in my view. And I’m under no delusions that we’re all “just the same”. I don’t think there’s anything nefarious about the racial or ethnic make-up of the math Olympiad vs the NBA vs a typical UU congregation (even if the latter are prone to fretting about it…)

        There hasn’t been anything too violent in my neck of the woods, but anyone in Sarajevo in the 80s probably thought it was safe, too… And only a little over a decade ago, I thought nothing of wandering western Europe solo, and 20 years ago head coverings were considered old-fashioned in Egypt…


      • Odd worry given your openness to immigration in general given immigration would be the driving force of ethnic cleansing

        Race war and ethnic cleansing has been going on for a long gone time. The media covers it up and we use terms like gang violence and White flight to describe what’s going on but it’s all a low intensity race war.


      • I’m not as open to immigration as you imply. I am okay with having a few immigrants who integrate well with the existing society. I’m not okay with mass migration, (open borders) especially from radically different cultures.


      • Hence why I only want people who can integrate, like Melania. She seems pretty okay. :)
        The pace of immigration is a big part of this. When a bunch of people come at once, they tend to form their own community instead of integrate.


      • Part of the issue is I am acutely aware of the higher levels of espionage from high iq frogien borns. And aware of how immigration of high iq types have negatively effected pay rates for engineers.

        You have friends that fit the description; have you ever researched the fallout?


      • A fair amount, though probably not as much as you have. That whole thing where companies mass-import workers to take the place of their own workers (at any level!) is a big problem. Hiring is so messed up.

        Spying seems like it’d make a really good topic for a post someday. It’s a very interesting subject; I’d love to know more.

        Alex is a novelist, so not much espionage there. (And writers don’t make money, anyway.) I’m not saying you have to like him, just that he’s probably not spying on anyone.


      • lol now you miss understand. I neither like or dislike the man. Don’t know him

        Wanting to preserve your culture has little to do with other people being the decent sort or not.

        This is shit practical, not personal. Every yankee etc that moves to the South changes our way of life, culture and traditions. Even more so if the person is from some other nation

        In general we don’t have a large espionage problem but they do carry a higher then normal risk. Jews, Chinese, and hajjis especially and it is very difficult to assess the risk or damage done.

        Best avoided all together in my never humble opinion


  2. America has incubated a radicalized leftist underclass for decades. In addition to the current rash of violent crimes of opportunity that individuals and small groups commit against anyone that looks white, I expect to see more organized insurgencies and resistance. Deportation efforts are likely to encounter armed stand-offs, esp. in sanctuary cities. The violence of the left will encourage everyone to pick a side and the middle ground will disappear. The willingness of the left to physically attack their ideological opponents will cause some to at least outwardly move left to avoid beatdowns and harassment, but I expect it will drive most white people to both ideologically and physically abandon the left, esp. considering their explanation for losing to Trump ranges from “those fucking white people” to “KILL Whitey!!”.

    I also expect to see a more muscular street presence growing from the right, more street meme insurgency by flyering college campuses and in some cases holding rallies. The outlook for unity is cloudy. And as pointed out, the left for all their propensity for spontaneous violence, are clearly outgunned if they choose to make this cold civil war go hot. The left still believes that if they screech loud enough, radicalize their base further, encourage their ferals to kick white ass, all under the close air support of establishment mainstream media, that the right will back down. That has worked since the 50s, but now they face Trump, our first alpha male president in decades and a growing army of alt-right skirmishers that live to fight. Let’s see how the ranks of the left hold up when their tactics only seem to make the right grow stronger. I expect to see their ranks thinning out from the demoralizing awareness that they now face organized and stiff resistance, everywhere.

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  3. I have seen a lot of failed nation states, up close and personal over the years. They always break down over tribal/ racial lines. The usa always makes things worse by not allowing the people to separate along the tribal lines they want to establish. The college educated dumbfucks who make these decisions think larger nations are more stable and everyone can get along if they have jobs, healthcare and feminism. And by always I mean always. And by everywhere I mean everywhere.

    It is inevitable that the usa will go through some version of Yugoslavia. The question is when and to what degree. There are more guns in the usa then people, most of those guns are owned by rural White men. The government has the police, military, national guard etc and will be opposed to rural Whites having any sort of tribal/ racial identity/ self interests but the usa is a big place and rural Whites wont have to win. We only have to not lose long enough for government authority to weaken to the point it can no longer continue operations. About 15 years.

    But like I said, immigration has made it inevitable.


    • It’s really amazing how fast Yugoslavia went from “we are a happy multi-cultural state where everyone loves everyone” to street-by-street fighting and ethnic cleansing. Important lesson that no one has learned.

      Push comes to shove, I expect most of the military, police, etc., will side with the red-staters. But perhaps I am making assumptions.


      • Has thr US military ever failed to fire on US citizens?

        I can’t think of any examples. I can think of a number of cases when they did open fire, including on a group of veterans.


      • Arguably, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, etc.
        I mean, yes, they fired on US citizens. But they didn’t turn against their own neighbors.
        I suppose it depends on what level of breakdown we’re discussing.


      • Technically they weren’t us citzens when they were killing yankees ;) and we know the yankees were egear to commit war crimes and genocide on Southern Whites… or would have been called such if committed to another group of people

        But the US mililitary had no problem waging war on coal miners, bonus marchers, the men involved in the Whiskey Rebellion or any such occasions I am aware of. Those events occurred when we were a more cohesive nation, more closely related by blood, less divided by diversity and a lot less anti White and anti liberty propaganda?

        I don’t deal in warm and fuzzies or shy away from the ugly truth. I was in the army, 24 years worth. I heard men cheer about Waco, want to fix bayonets over civil protests etc.


  4. I don’t think we’re going to turn into Yugoslavia. I think we’re going to turn into Syria.

    The main difference is that Yugoslavia was already mostly segregated when the violence broke out. It took a genocidal, geographically-based war to cleanse the different resulting states to the point where they could become said separate states again, yes, but they managed it. Bosnia, Slovenia, Croatia et. al. are now functional* nation-states.

    The US (speaking here of the largest segments of the population: the West Coast, the Northeast, and the South) are not ethnically segregated. We live cheek-by-jowl with our enemies. Things might go easier in the Mid-and-Mountain-West, but the vast majority of US urban and suburban (where most of the people live) demographics are too intimately mixed to have a clean separation. Instead, our dissolution – if not stopped – will look like Syria.

    I fear that the most likely way to stop it looks like Iraq under Saddam.

    *Functional compared to Somalia or the DRC or Syria or Afghanistan


  5. Another issue being ignored by Leftoids is how both the police and military have a strong leaning towards White America (if not Trump). Even after shoving in all the low IQ minorities and women I wouldn’t count on the able members of both forces to side with the Chimps.


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