The Gaboon Viper, Pangolin, and bioluminescence

The Gaboon Viper is a lovely snake with incredible rectangular bands running down its spine:
gaboon-viper-eastern-820x489 8582704

(How often do you see rectangles in nature?) They’re super deadly, of course, so I don’t recommend petting one.

The Pangolin (native to Asia and Africa) is clearly a miniature dragon:

Picture 8 Picture 10

Picture 11 Picture 15

Somebody please domesticate these so I can have a pet dragon.


I have read that bioluminescence is the most common form of communication on Earth.

Picture 21 800px-Bobtail_squid

It certainly is lovely! (That little guy’s a bioluminescent bobtail squid.)

Picture 20 Bathocyroe_fosteri Picture 17 1024px-PanellusStipticusAug12_2009

That last one is a mushroom, not a jellyfish.

800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_7 800px-Haeckel_Ctenophorae 800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_77 800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_59 800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_37

Drawings by Ernst Haeckel.