Summary of the modern American landscape

To understand modern America, you have to understand the main players. They no longer break simply into left and right, liberal or conservative.

The three religions of modern America are Old-Stock Christianity (American Boomerism, Constitutionalism, Evangelical Christianity, etc,) Wokeism, and anti-Wokeism (basically the alt-right).

(If the lack of explicit deities in two of these bothers you, replace “religion” with “belief system.” Note that Wokeists and anti-Wokeists can also be members of various religious groups, eg, Universalist Unitarians, but this is not critical for understanding their motivations.)

Wokeism is an explicit argument against Old-Stock Christianity (old conservatism is weak to progressive arguments since prog arguments are specifically designed to respond to old conservatism, which was more culturally powerful in the past). In Wokeism, the greatest of sins is racism (followed by the other ‘isms). Wokeists have converted Christianity’s original sin of illicit fruit consumption into the original sin of racism.

To Wokeists, Christians are pagans who have not yet accepted the new religion. Anti-Wokeists, by contrast, are apostates who have rejected the new religion.

The latter are considered far worse than the former. Pagans can be converted to the True Way, but apostates cannot: they have already explicitly rejected it.

To the Old-Stock Christians, the Wokeists are a confusing extension of their religion–maybe just a youthful, semi-heretical phase (while the anti-wokeists are invisible and inexplicable).

By contrast, Anti-Wokeists (including the alt-right) are making explicit arguments against Wokeism. Thus they are to Wokeism as Wokeism is to Christianity.

8 thoughts on “Summary of the modern American landscape

  1. Another Christian anti-wokeist here. I think alt-right and neo-reaction are compatible with Christianity. Many times is the same concept with different language.

    I think the difference between OId-Stock Christianity and Anti-wokeist Christianity is that the latter finds the explanation for the old religious rules, while Old Stock Christianity takes these rules as a given. So when I read Jesus preaching against virtue signaling in the Gospels, I am aware how virtue signaling can destroy a society. The same with non-monogamy. Traditional Christians are not aware of that so they cannot justify these religious rules to non believers. This is one of the effective strategies Woke-ism used to demolish Christianity, presenting it as irrational repression.

    Having said that, as people like Spengler o Glubb have said, when you have to give a rational defense of your traditions as a society, your society is decadent or doomed. (

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    • How can you possibly not see that Christianity is Wokeism from 2000 years ago. Both celebrate the weak and essentially promote suicide (“turn the other cheek”).


  2. This is is all wrong. Wokeism *is* old-stock American Christianity. Republican-Evangelicalism is a cobbled-together mess constructed from various parts of American Christianity (many now discarded by the main tradition), Scots-Irish frontier culture and whatever else was lying around. In certain respects, Republican-Evangelicalism resembles older versions of the mainstream American tradition because it’s basically a cargo cult constructed by its victims. A reasonable historical parallel is the relationship between Sikhism and Islam.

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  3. Anti-wokeness Christians are very rare, being concentrated at obscure websites like this, the linked Orthosphere, etc.

    So her characterization of the American landscape is correct. The anti-wokeness Christians are insignificant (at least right now they are).

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  4. Lol christian doctrine invented female consent, free will, individualism & encouraged out marriage.

    Christians are more likely to give to strangers when told about ancestor veneration.

    Christianity is the original sjw cult.

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