Old China, New China

I think people have generally been underestimating china. When I was young, China wasn’t doing so well–I mentally classed it alongside India, which is also a mega-country of over a billion people living in similar levels of poverty–but in the past few decades, China has surged ahead.

Yes, China uses tech in ways that sound like dystopian nightmares. Yes, there’s something going on with Uyghirs and camps. Yes, pollution. But it is impossible to deny that the average Chinese citizen has become massively more prosperous and that China is bubbling with innovative energy.

I recently heard a speech–I think it was given by Obama several years ago about Shanghai’s test scores being higher than American ones–claiming that this was our “Sputnik moment.”


It’s not.

Going to the moon is something a command economy can do, even a command economy with capitalist characteristics. The government can allocate a few billion dollars, hire a bunch of rocket scientists, and tell them to go to the moon.

Generalized innovation, energy, and economic growth are not things you can command, which is why the Soviet Union was always stagnant on the ground. America cannot outclass China unless the energy for doing so comes from the people themselves.

But enough about America.

Here’s the zoom on a Huawei phone camera:

You must excuse me if I think the recent buzz about Huawei being evil is due to tech companies like Apple realizing that Huawei is about to eat their lunch with cheaper, better tech.

If you think China isn’t going to eat our lunch, don’t argue with me, just go out there and succeed.

6 thoughts on “Old China, New China

  1. There is a core population in China of 300 million people living at at least European levels. Chinese nationals comprise almost a third of the graduate students in our STEM programs, and they produce about a third of the research usually attributed to the US. If we subtract that third from the US and add it to the research attributed to China, China might actually produce more research than we do. Their economy is larger than ours in PPP terms, and their industrial sector is much larger than ours in any terms. It is also much more diversified, and it is probably more modern, more high tech, more automated, and more efficient than ours. We should be stealing from them.

    Much of China’s success is due to our Ruling Class transferring our economy to China. Our Rulers profited. They captured all the growth in our GDP over the last 40 years. They even clawed income away from our working class (an intended goal?), and middle class incomes stagnated.

    They have already won the competition with us.

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    • China has pursued a strategy that is premised on its rivals being total pussies. It has a surplus of 10s of millions of men who can never get married; it has office blocks where they put nets around the buildings to catch people committing suicide; it has entire empty cities just waiting to be taken by someone with enough balls.

      If USG wanted, it could send China back to conditions that would make the Nationalist-Communist civil war look positively pleasant.

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  2. Chinese are good at scoring high on IQ tests designed by white men, playing music written by white men on instruments invented by white men, and cheaply mass-producing technology developed by white men. They’re also good at adopting ideologies created by white men, like communism and neo-Malthusianism, and implementing them far more brutally than white men ever could.

    China’s technological advancement will stop when their spies report back, “All white men have left the company. We do nothing here but sit through mandatory lectures about diversity and inclusion. Chang and Wong were fired last week when a very ugly woman with blue hair said they harassed her. I assure you, they did no such thing. We are dying of boredom, please bring us home!”


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