When all the joy goes out of holidays

Woke capital has an epic thread documenting all of the corporations that are trying to get in on the Pride Month festivities.

At some point holidays stop feeling like voluntary fun and start feeling mandatory. What happens to the employees at these companies who aren’t enthusiastically into Pride marches and are trying to tactfully wiggle out of participating without losing their jobs?

The idea that Procter and Gamble or Goldman Sachs actually cares about its employees’ sexual orientations is absurd, and “inclusion” is the last thing Goldman wants (if Goldman wanted inclusion it would hire a lot fewer bankers and a lot more normal people.)

I don’t worry about my kids reading Twitter, but one does wonder why on earth a network aimed at the prepubescent has anything to say on the matter.

Nothing weird about a network aimed at small children having gay fans.

This, though, is a good point:

So it all comes down to money, eh?

(To be fair, I already don’t like most holidays, including Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentines, so Pride is just one more to add to my list.)

5 thoughts on “When all the joy goes out of holidays

  1. How can an extremely dysfunctional less then 2% of the population have that much spending power? Do the much less dysfunctional perverts mafia up like the jews?


    • They don’t have families. But like jews network very,very well. Hence they are able to become very rich.

      That plus the support for such a lifestyle by the ruling class.


    • Sure, they have spending power–they do tend to have above average incomes–but I think this is more about trying to appeal to people who aren’t actually gay, but think it is important to be pro-gay, and to signal that one’s company isn’t run by one of those not-pro-gay people.


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