Feel Something

My Name is Ruin, by Gary Numan

Me: In my zone, listening to music
Husband: Look at this dumb shit someone said on the internet
Me: What? Brains?

So far, everything I have listened to on this album is excellent.

By the way, Mongolia still isn’t sorry–The Hu, Yuve Yuve Yu

Mongolia is going to fuck your shit up and take your women, apparently.

Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit

Guys, I have discovered the point of music. It’s sex.

Alice in Chains: Them Bones

In retrospect, I guess it’s not a surprise that a lot grunge musicians died of drugs or suicide.

Smashing Pumpkins: Bullet with Butterfly Wings

As long as you can still scream, you can still feel.

I don’t know if we can scream anymore.

Placebo–literally, “I please”–Sucker Love:

Their lead singer is a good example of a male playing up his effeminate qualities in order to get laid.
Husband: You can’t just say that without explanation.
Me: Have you seen the lead singer? I guarantee he gets tons of sex.
Husband: Is he gay?
Me: Whatever he’s into, he gets plenty of it.

There’s a lesson here for effeminate men thinking “Hey, would it be easier for me if I became a girl?”

No. It wouldn’t. Be you. Own who you are and find the people who are attracted to you.

AFI: Miss Murder

Gary Numan aside, it seems like the music scene has changed in fundamental ways over the past few decades. I don’t think there is anyone in the business today whose suicide would affect teens like Kurt Cobain’s, just because there is no one that widely loved. It’s not that society is more divided (though perhaps it is); we just don’t listen to music like we used to.

Of course popular music is still around, and still of varying (usually low) quality.

To hazard a guess, if music is really about reproducing, then the change in music is related to the decline in birth rates. A typical modern human mating ritual involves going to a club, listening to a band or some very loud recorded music, getting drunk, and meeting someone you’d like to have sex with. These clubs also provide a place for new bands to get started. But if fewer people go out, clubs close, people meet fewer other people, people are lonelier, birth rates drop, and new bands have a harder time getting noticed, and the industry changes.

On a final note:

This is why certain traits persist in the population.

9 thoughts on “Feel Something

  1. I think that as a society, perhaps as a global society, we are coming to terms with what it is to be human being. And our ability to record and reproduce and have media be present in each succeeding generation, is allowing us to see ourselves with increasing clarity.

    I’d say the one popular artist for teenagers right now was Lil Peep. This dude is like the Kurt Cobain of a certain segment of teenage stuff. Sure he’s not as widespread because our culture is fragmented in that way. But he basically was sad and saying about using drugs and did drugs and saying about girls jilting I am and how much you love them it’s really just Kurt Cobain just being more frank and open in his language.

    But neither does my daughter get caught up into his nonsense Dash oh by the way little people oh deed of a drug overdose also. And in fact little peeps friends are still producing music that he made that he just didn’t publish and so they’re continually releasing new songs that he did even though the guys dead.
    And my daughter is really into a wide variety of music but she really loves the music that she’s into. And listening to his depressive music doesn’t make her get behind some sort of grunge alternative power to us kind of thing maybe that we had in the early 90s late 80s. Rather she says it just makes her happy to listen to his music and it empowers her in that way.

    But I think regardless of how people dress or express them selves and their various youthful individuality eventually it’ll just become a complete commodification because it will be so typical how people express themselves and appropriate meaning at different ages in peoples lives. And we will be able to rely upon it and we will be able to reproduce society from that knowledge.


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  2. “And our ability to record and reproduce and have media be present in each succeeding generation, is allowing us to see ourselves with increasing clarity”

    This may or may not be true, but if it is, I most certainly do not see this as an unalloyed good. A rising number of suicides agree with me. The philosopher may be right – humans cannot stand too much reality, especially if the only reality they see is that reflected in media, social or otherwise

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  3. I think we just got so self-centered that we cannot really be that fanatical fans of anyone anymore. Self-centered doesn’t mean selfish in the usual sense, it just means the attention is directed inwards. A person constantly investigating his/her soul whether he/she is unselfish enough is self-centered, because the attention is directed inwards. So an over-abundance of feelings like guilt, conscience etc. is just as self-centered as the more usual cases of narcisissm are.

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  4. That’s ok. You should see the looks the wife gives me when my vids are playing.

    My 16 year old son has appropriated all my playlists. : )

    I can’t remember how I ran across Hu… but I’ve been digging the vid.


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  5. Ha, I’ve just found the same Gary Numan’s video two or three days ago, when I was following youtube suggestions from Laibach (alongside with VNV Nation “when is the future”). And I’ve found the very smae The HU song within, I think, a month or two ago :D

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