Fiction in the Book Club?

The People have requested fiction in the Book Club.

So far Harry Potter, Clan of the Cave Bear, Things Fall Apart, and 1984 have been nominated.

You can nominate your own ideas or vote for one of the above.

6 thoughts on “Fiction in the Book Club?

  1. A vote from a newcomer to this blog for Heinlein’s Starship Troopers (the book, not movie). I think the social order proposed therein is compelling enough to think about, as well as some of the arguments on “moral philosophy”, as the book calls it. It’s also a great look into military culture then and even now. Plus it’s short.

    Harry Potter is fascinating to discuss in general (what heated discussions we had in our house between the books’ publications!) But there’s SO MUCH, and much covered in other places almost ad nauseam (logic of the system or magic, wizarding demographics, the impossible economics, etc.). I wouldn’t suggest LotR for the same reasons.

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