Jews aren’t your enemies

They aren’t. My anthropology and religious projects involve attending synagogues; I’ve listened to and talked to hundreds of Jews; they’re normal people with normal lives who want the same peace and happiness as everyone else in this world.

People make out like Jews have some kind of magic super-power to control gentiles. They don’t. If they did, gentiles would be pretty pathetic. There’s no more “Jewish privilege” in this world than “White privilege;” if you believe in one of these, logic demands you believe in both. Blaming other people for your problems is just low-IQ schtick.

Jews have two major things going on, politically: 1. They don’t want to get Holocausted, which is a very reasonable desire. 2. They live primarily in NY and LA, and people tend to pick up the politics in their area because very few people ever come up with new political ideas.

Jews do not benefit from rising crime or the destruction of civilization, because 1. Criminals go after them just like any other well-off target 2. they need medicine and jobs just like any other fleshy humans, and 3. being a market-dominant minority in a collapse is extremely dangerous. Ask the Tutsis.

On the human level, Jewish people have been very kind to me, and I am very unhappy today.

23 thoughts on “Jews aren’t your enemies

  1. The infiltration of the new right and neoreaction by antisemites had been a source of extraordinary grief to me. These people are losers and psychos. Their actual enemies are staring them in the face and they decide to go on a Jew hunt. It’s a malevolent kind of madness.

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    • A surprising number of vocal anti-semites are self hating Jews, but there is a surprising amount of idiots out there too. I don’t know what the deal with the shooter was at this time…

      There are peculiarities surrounding the event, such as the SWAT team being out of shape and not properly dressed/equipped. But that doesn’t mean the casualties weren’t real. :(


  2. Not sure how jews aren’t my enemy. I mean if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it’s a duck and have not yet meet any jews ( as in only one) who were in favor of persevering traditional Southern people, culture, tradtions etc etc.

    jews as a people seem dead set on destroying what I and my people hold dear. That’s their choice and that makes them if not enemies then real damn unfriendly


    • Agreed. I think evolutionistx is afraid of them. She has young kids to raise. it’s not a unenlightened stance these days. They will stop at nothing to destroy any resistance.

      The idea that only ignorant dweebs are in opposition to the Jews is silly drivel. The smartest people on the planet have mostly been against the Jews if they’ve had any exposure to them. Here’s a article on what a few of these people said about the Jews.

      My feeling that whatever is said about individual Jews is of no matter. As a group they no distinguishing difference from a tribe of psychopaths that consume every country they go to, dissolve it to mush and attempt, and some cases, destroy it. The US is well along that path. Their history is very long and it can’t be covered up as it has been in the past. They’ve attacked every single place and peoples where they’ve been so furiously that in the end they’ve been thrown out of every country they’ve been to in any numbers. I suspect they will either murder all the Americans or we will have to throw them out also. They apparently have no capacity to change. After all it’s been working for them. Unfortunately communications is catching up with them and it’s fairly easy to correlate their long, long historical abuses, destruction and murderous ways. They don’t seem to be capable of living with anyone unless they have them under their heel and will never stop attacking them until they do or are expelled. There’s nothing at all indecent about hating a people that hate you.

      They have essentially ruined the finances of the USA. The banking bail out they used the, known, $16 Trillion to buy most everything. It could be as some have said as much as $29 Trillion. There’s hints that several more, $ 20 Trillion or higher, are missing from the US budget. Add this in with the junk bond take over mania from the 1980’s on where they used our credit to take over and then move our manufacturing overseas. They have really fucked us and that’s not even beginning to talk about the globalhomo, feminist, commie, hate Whitey, 24/24 propaganda they’ve been shoving down our throats. If a people can act in such a vile manor and it not healthy to hate them then, well we live in a retarded world.

      It’s often said that anti-Semites hate the Jews for everything. That’s a damn lie we only blame them for getting us into WWI and WWII, the Federal Reserve, killing Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy. The destruction of Russia, Germany, Spain, England, US and all of Eastern Europe. The opium trade into China. Bringing slaves to America. Bringing in all the people after the 1965 change in immigration laws and all illegal immigration. Destruction of the studies of anthropology, psychiatry and social sciences. Destruction of the school system through uncivil rights for Blacks. Mass murder of Whites by Blacks due to uncivil rights laws. Destruction of competence of government employees by uncivil rights laws banning effective testing. Destruction of the culture by mass media, just a few of which are radio, TV, movies and music. Widespread tensions between Men and Women due to their pushing of Feminism and attacking Women. Psychological warfare by portraying White Men as evil, corrupt, deranged and serial killers. Police committing widespread murder due to Jews training the police. Corruption of the government by bribery and when that doesn’t work blackmail. Murder of people to cover up corruption. Destruction of truth through distortion of the education system and mass media. The lowering of morals through pornography and evil behavior in film and TV. Sexual degeneracy and illegal forcing of Women and Men into trading sex for work. Pedophile attacks on girls and boys in Hollywood. The pushing of communism and socialism. The movement of manufacturing to China. Widespread theft of military secrets and subsequent selling of those to the USSR , China and who knows who else. The banking collapse and subsequent bailout. Running a fraudulent FED currency scheme. Securities fraud in the bank bail outs and Mortgage backed Bond business. Blowing up our buildings and killing our people on 9-11 and the subsequent wars in Afghanistan, Iraq. Libya and Syria. Multiple false flags where Americans have been murdered. The war in Ukraine. ISIS. The murder of Lebanese and Palestinians. Organ smuggling. Drug smuggling. Lots and lots of business and bank fraud. There’s more but that’s the major ones.


      • I am aware of the Jewish Confederates. Doesn’t change the tactical reality on the ground in the here and now.

        Way more free men of color fought for the Confederacey then most want to admit to as well. Again, doesn’t change what we are facing today


  3. If interested in updates a casual look at headlines:

    And last night’s findings about the Rabbi being a gun control advocate and so forth… This is looking much like the Texas church shooting from last year, people died with the main Pastor out of town that time too. :(


  4. Classiing people based on one parameter slides one into identity politics. Conversely, the manifestation of Israel”s greatness as a country (which middle eastern country would u choose to live if u had to?) is based partly on the religion ergo it can’t be that bad of faith. Lastly, I’d bet the shooter was mentally ill. Prayers to the victims.


    • Never opposed indenitiy politics myself. Reality is people are tribal , jews especially so. Which I don’t have a problem with, but what they do is for their benefit, and their tribe alone so they should be doing it in their own nation vs working day and night to destroy what my forefathers created


  5. Sam, people are dead. Post shit on your own blog.</i.

    EvoX. I don't think there's any way of saying this without coming across like a scold (and lord knows I've tried to think of a way), so I'm going preface it by saying I REALLY DON'T MEAN THIS TO COME ACROSS AS A SCOLD.

    You should have told Sam to post shit on his own blog a long time ago. Not just you, everyone on the dissident right.

    I get the reasons for not censoring and I get the reasons for not wanting to alienate any more people when you have put yourself beyond the pale of social acceptability just by acknowledging factually unimpeachable realities about Human Biodiversity. The reality is, however, that anti-semites are just dickheads. Incredibly selfish dickheads who work endlessly to impose themselves on any new right-wing movement anywhere in the world until it becomes an expressions of their schizophrenic psychosis. Incredibly selfish dickheads who when push comes to shove couldn't care less about preserving white culture or civilization or the traditional family or gender roles as long as they get experience the thrill of reveling in a dead Jew.

    There aren't all that many of these people, maybe 1,000 in the United States, but they punch above their weight. They didn't build the alt-right, but they did destroy it, they didn't build GAB but they did destroy it, they haven't contributed a single sentence of worth to neoreationary theory, bu t the did succeed in making it permanently noxious to intelligent 'open minded progressives'.

    Time to tell them to fuck off. Of course, there are plenty of people who have worthwhile things to contribute who may also express some anti-semitic opinions. Some anti-semitic opinions are true, or at least partially so, but after a dozen or so comments it becomes pretty easy to tell who is and who isn't an obsessive anti-semite. Then you tell them to fuck off.

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  6. What a huge smoke screen. Smoke and mirrors and name calling to obfuscate the issue. I told of many, many , many deprivations of the Jews and all I get is attacks on me. Why? Why do all of you who attack me have total empathy for the Jews but…none for anyone else???? Because I’m right. Every single criticism I’ve made of the Jews is defensible. I have posted facts. It’s the truth and the Jews history is that of an evil tribe of psychopaths attacking every civilization they get into. It’s not me that’s warped. Give me the 98% of the population that’s not Jews. I have empathy for these people. They matter also. Far more than the Jews in my opinion.

    We know that millions, and millions and millions have been killed by direct action of the Jews. Where’s your empathy for them??? Where’s your moral character for them?? Where’s your upstanding sense of duty and honor for them??? Don’t tell me you are a good person while ignoring the deaths brought about by the Jews. If you think this you are lying to yourself.

    I guess since they don’t own TV stations, radio stations, newspapers and the banking system to push piles of money into the legislatures pockets the 98% can just be killed off and it means nothing to you as long as the Jews are happy.

    Don’t even begin to lecture me about morality if you show none of it yourself. Here’s a perfect illustration of the Jews behavior to those closest to them.

    They have done the same to White countries demographically as they have propagandized, bribed, blackmailed and wheedled in every way they can to pack non-Whites into former White nations until in the US and many other countries we ,among the young, are a minority.

    evolutiontheorist is not stupid but you have been brainwashed by the total control of ALL information broadcast by the Jews into your brain all your life. All of it was censored to appease the Jews. You know what the eventual results of this will be. Whites will either buckle under to our new rulers or there will be mass violence and killings. But…no empathy for us. No empathy for anyone but the Jews. What will your children say one day as they are ground down under the Jew heel like the Russians were? Will you have an answer for them? Maybe, “Sam J. was not nice and said bad things about my lovely Jews so I decided to sacrifice you kids to show that evil Sam J. what a redneck he is and how I’m so “loving and special””,(Not SJW…LAS)

    And stop calling me an anti-semite. I’m anti-Jew. It’s the Jews I hate and I hate them because they hate me. Perfectly reasonable behavior.

    We know beyond any doubt what so ever that the Jews did 9-11. I used to be like you making excuses for the Jews until I researched 9-11. I realized. They did it. There’s no doubt and their controlled press is hiding it. You can’t have a building like building 7 fall the same speed as if ONLY air held it up and it not have been attacked by some sort of demo. It’s impossible. I don’t care how many lies the Jews tell you buildings falling don’t lie.

    How many people have died due to 9-11??? Millions but oh no we must not say anything bad about the precious Jews.

    Here’s a nice survey of a few other mass millions of bodies the Jews piled up or influenced it to happen.

    Make sure you understand that any rational look at the Jewish population as a whole is exactly like a tribe of psychopaths invading your country and if you keep making excuses for them you will be responsible for throwing away the lives of your children. What will happen to them is quite likely to be the same that is happening right now to the South Africans. This what is happening to South Africans. I WARN YOU. IT’s A TERRIBLE VIDEO. I’m not kidding. You can’t unsee it. It made me feel anxious for several hours after I saw it. It haunts me. I recommend you do not watch it. One last warning. It’s really bad but it is the truth.

    [video src="" /]


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