1. The inestimable hbd chick has been banned from Twitter. No word why. She might get her account back (who knows?) Reinstated on Twitter. Her blog is still up. hbd chick has always been a sweet, polite person on Twitter, even to people who are hostile and rude to her, so this banning had nothing to do with misconduct. Someone at Twitter really hates the Hajnal Line.
  2. Since Twitter is increasingly hostile, unwelcome place, I have moved to Gab in solidarity, though PMing me on Twitter still works (because communication is useful.)
  3. The Ladies of HBD have arranged a group chat on Slack. The Join Code is posted in the comments over on the Female Side. Just to be clear, it’s for females.
  4. Vote for our next Book Club selection:

A. Who We Are and How We Got Here, by David Reich

B. The 10,000 Year Explosion, by Cochran and Harpending

C. The Making of the Atomic Bomb, by Richard Rhodes

D. American Nations, by Colin Woodard

E. Enlightenment Now, by Pinker

F. Something else–leave your suggestion in the comments.



5 thoughts on “News

  1. Anything by this guy.

    I’ve read

    The Story of Man (1954)
    The Races of Europe (1939)
    Caravan: the Story of the Middle East (1958)
    Living Races of Man (1965)
    Seven Caves: Archaeological Exploration in the Middle East
    A North Africa Story: Story of an Anthropologist as OSS Agent (1980)

    and I’m reading
    The Hunting Peoples

    He is of course considered evil as he believes there are different races. His books are entertaining and not too dry, to me anyways.

    Here’s what might be a very interesting book for a group of Women. It’s a book on Feminism written by a VERY strong supporter of Womens rights. I think it would really open up perspective on how Men think in ways not necessarily evident. It’s an old book. I read it a long time ago.

    The book has become a part of the Men rights movement but I don’t think he meant for it to be at all. I think he honestly wished to communicate Men and Womens differences and how to could understand each other better. He was certainly not a Women hater. Of course today it would be called Mansplaining.


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