Because I am a Barbarian

Because I am a Barbarian


“Why are you like this?” the question refrains

There’s dirt in my hair and mud on my knees

I run with horses and sing in the breeze

There are stars in my eyes and sky in my heart

I feel the Earth spin and the seasons progress

Because the blood of barbarians runs in my veins.


“Why can’t you conform? Why won’t you behave?”

You build walls around me, but I will escape

I’ll find the trails and run for the hills

Dig into the earth where I can be free,

With birds and bears, foxes and trees.

For barbarian souls cannot be contained.


“You cannot say that–it isn’t polite–we’ll make it a crime–”

Fuck you, you bastards, I’ll say what I mean

I won’t bow to your idols nor repeat your lies

I won’t die for your profits nor fight in your wars

I am not your dog and I cannot be tamed

Because I am a barbarian and I do not obey.


You cut down the trees and lay cities in grids

Flatten the hills and murder the wolves

Choke rivers with shit and turn the frogs gay

Trample the flowers and murder your neighbors

All in the name of “Let’s follow the rules.”

But I am a barbarian and I won’t be a slave.

5 thoughts on “Because I am a Barbarian

  1. Nice poem, reminded me of the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.
    You could’ve used more rhymes.
    But very very good, I saved it here.

    What you call Barbarian is what was called “Aryan soul” in the past.
    Or the motto of Cat Country:
    “Domestic? Yes. Domesticated? Never.”

    What people, other than the Europeans and the Japanese havr the civilized, intellectual “barbarian” soul and mind?
    You either got fully fledged savages or asiatic (middle and eastern) civilizational slaves.


  2. just returned from and elk hunt with a group of strangers and a few of their wives and kids. It was a time of focused adventure and bonding in the wild . It was a very “cleansing of the spirit ” as Fred bear used to say.

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