Your Favorite Songs (or Bands)

I don’t want to be one of those people who just gets attached to whatever was on the radio when they were 14 years old (or 18, or whenever) and never learns to like anything else because that’s incredibly stupid.

But I don’t exactly have time to be involved in the club scene and I feel disconnected from whatever is going on in music these days (if anything, I have the distinct feeling that “music these days” is much less of a thing… Maybe because kids these days are more into doing SJW things on tumblr than going out or buying albums.)

I’m hard pressed to claim I have a favorite song, but here are some I enjoy:

The Cruxshadows: Singularities (Youtube doesn’t allow embedding for this one, but it is good so click on it anyway.)

Please share some of your favorites in the comments.

Bonus question: do you think different musical genres appeal to different kinds of people outside of habit or ethnic background? (IE, obviously I’d expect Mexican singers to be more popular in Mexico and Pakistani singers to be popular in Pakistan, but do particular sorts of tunes appeal to different personalities?)

18 thoughts on “Your Favorite Songs (or Bands)

  1. None of there are really new, but if you like VNV Nation, you might also like them:

    Pride and Fall (although perhaps a bit darker):

    Assemblage 23. I had to stop following him on Facebook a while back because his posts were too liberal, but I like virtually all of his songs and he does great remixes, if you like his particular sound:

    Apoptygma Berzerk remixed a Cruxshadows song, which I quite like:

    VNV remixed one Apoptygma Berzerk song, both versions are pretty good:


    E Nomine:


  2. I didn’t subscribe to “music taste is genetic” until I found out that unsound festival in krakow consistently has a huge amount of my favorite artists playing; even though I wasn’t born in poland and only lived there for 3 months.


  3. Only Polish band/songs. First three rather soft, then one much harder, then pop, then patriotic modern song

    1st “Mro iło” (lyrics: “My heart tells me I love you/Just say one word, I am not ashamed of you”) composed by Polish Composer, sung in Romani language, from a Polish movie:

    2st “Czarna Polana” (“Black glade” “I am near, you do not have to be affraid/in me you will find everything, because so much I can give/When you are near, the world does not scare me/and when you give your hand, I become a whole – there is no me without you, there is no you without me”)

    3rd: punk “Lewe lewe loff” (“I want to tell you how much I value you, i want to tell you how much I admire you, i want to tell you beware of this paths”)

    4rd “Barykady” (“Somewhere, somewhere on the very bottom of the desires/the burned out barricades I pass/inside myself”)

    5th Sarsa “Naucz mnie” (“Teach me”)

    6th “Warsaw 44” (There is also English version, but with the lyrics having changed meaning)


    • Argh, I made a mistake in translation of the second second (should be “the world become whole” instaed of “I become whole”) and in the link to the last one:


  4. 1. 80s song with synth and loud battery. Such as Whitesnake, Savage, Depeche Mode, etc

    2. Videogame music. Very ambient and immersive. Older ones are often better.

    3. Apex European volkisch songs.

    4. Punk rock, just like the AFI you posted (this is the kind of song I listened in my teens).

    5. Metal, melodic and folk. Sonata Arctica, Blind Guardian (one of the best bands in the world).

    6. Experimental shit, modern non-Radio electronic, Eurodance, 90s/80s Electro.

    7. Atmospheric/classical music. Piano cafe, jazz, bossa nova, opera.

    I’m very proud of my musical taste, if you want more, I can flood you with music. These are just the tip of the Iceberg.


  5. Wow, I’d never heard of any of these bands except “80s song with synth and loud battery.” I love the Internet!

    I have catholic tastes (everything from Shakey Graves to Typhoon to Wardruna from the current crop) so I will definitely be checking some of these out!


  6. It’s funny that after quite a while of reading your blog, this is what gets me to comment :) I’m a little less into …industrial? I guess? Maybe those aren’t really industrial, though…and more into goth and post-punk. I also don’t keep up on almost anything current as I don’t hear much new that I like, but here are some favorites you may already know about- The Chameleons (I actually had a chance to see them and talk to Mark Burgess, it was pretty awesome), Felt, Electrafixion (members of Echo and the Bunnymen rocking out in the 90’s), Catherine Wheel, Broadcast, Chrome, Big Country, Ministry’s first album (With Sympathy, everything else is pretty much terrible in my opinion). I have seen a few bands in the last decade I thought were pretty great- Dungen, Lansing-Dreiden, Danava. And this is totally out of left field, but I saw R. Stevie Moore and Gary Wilson perform at the same show, it was incredible. Both weirdos slaving away in obscurity since like the 70’s that finally got some well deserved recognition due to the internet.


  7. Some of my new-ish favs: Greta Van Fleet, Kaleo, Rival Sons, Alter Bridge, Royal Republic, and (the incomparable) Volbeat. I’m in my 50s. I have bands I love from 6 different decades. As well as bands I used to love which are now sorta hmm that didn’t age well.


  8. Well everybody else was imbedding so I guess I’ll stick a few in here. Kaleo is Icelandic. That an isolated population of ~300,000 could produce THIS talent AND Hafþór Björnsson is proof enough of power law distributions…

    If you haven’t heard of Greta Van Fleet, please turn away from the following video, and ask yourself who’s this band? Like 5 times…

    I absolutely adore this Rival Sons’ song (and video):

    With Volbeat, you get rockabilly, heavy metal, and a history (or philosophy) lesson wrapped up in one. IMO, best band of new millennium:


  9. I saw your first couple picks and then Rammstein???(I like them). Which is not really odd as I like all kinds of music but mostly very raw music like heavy metal, bluegrass, simple country, blues. I really like one man bands and I have a fondness for girl bands. I even like a lot of Female pop stars. Their music is catchy. Primarily most of the stuff I listened to over the years has been heavy.

    I used to listen to these guys constantly. I’ve seen them more than any other band in concert(4 times). I saw them when Bon Scott was still singing. They were GREAT in concert. Very male. Loud, fast, aggressive playing.

    About the same time I really liked these guys also.(I like surf music also)

    I’m kind of going alphabetically.I like both these guys Alison and of course I was a big Led Zepp fan.

    Some pop

    Look how cute these girls are.

    Here’s another Japanese girl metal band. The Japanese are so weird they fascinate me.

    My favorite Britney song. I found this excellent uncut video of just her, the whole video is good but this focus on her is great. Look how good she is with all her hand movements, expressions and head movements.

    Little one man band. He’s got a ton of videos

    I like Chris a lot

    When I was listening to Chris in the early 80’s I was also listening t stuff like this

    Some good blues. This guys song is the opening song for the Sopranos TV series.

    Greatest Female rock band ever

    Favorite stoner rock band

    Few more, I could go further. I have about 300 vinyl albums and maybe 200 CD’s and a ton of bytes of audio and videos on my computer. I could go on and on.

    One of my favorite bands for a while

    So many I missed.


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