Your Own, Personal, Immigrant

A reaction to Politico’s “What if you could get your own personal immigrant” article (with apologies to Depeche Mode):

Reach out and touch poverty
Your own personal immigrant
Someone to hear your orders
Someone who cares for your kids
Your own personal immigrant
Someone to hear your orders
Someone who’s trapped
Feeling unknown
And they’re all alone
Flesh and bone
No minimum wage at home
Just like Uber
I’ll make you a believer
Take second best
Put indentured servitude to the test
Things on your chest
You need to confess
You just want a slave

I will deliver your luxury
You know I’m expendable
Reach out and touch poverty
Your own personal immigrant
Reach out and touch poverty

12 thoughts on “Your Own, Personal, Immigrant

  1. The solution to peoples problems is usually not migration. When I was 7 years old my parents moved from Britain to New Zealand, I spent spent the rest of my childhood homesick and miserable missing my relatives. I never saw why my parents thought it was worth it., they were certainly very stubborn about it they would not accept any evidence to the contrary even though they often showed signs of homesickness too and often spoke of the importance of extended family which we were virtually never able to see again.


    • It’s funny, but I’ve read a lot of books along the lines of “my parents moved and I missed the Old Country because it was great.” Often I suspect the thing that made the Old Country seem so great when the protagonists went back to visit was precisely the fact that population density/competition for resources was lower and people were possibly getting remittances from the emigrants. In other words, it didn’t necessarily get better for those who left–they had to go to an alien place (where they often didn’t even speak the language)–but it may have benefited the people who were left behind, who had more resources as a result.


  2. What drives the perversion of wanting to destroy a people and culture with immigration? Is it purely greed? Thinking nothing is more important then making money?

    Plus the situation is way more fucked then most folks understand. The plant I am a part owner of was owned by a hindu. He was from an extremely wealthy family in inida but the US government gave him an extremely low interest/ east terms type loan to build the plant. Then he stripped mined into the ground. So me and another combat wounded/ disabled veteran bought it from him but the government didn’t give us any where near as good of a loan as they did a wealthy brown skin dude from another nation

    All this shit needs to stop if anything like an America is going to last…. but the bullshit won’t last and neither will the nation or most of us as a people


      • They are lairs as well. America has never had a commitment to immigration. Wealthy folks have always liked it because it reduces their cost of labor, but every day folks have generally been against it as lowers the value of labor and they are the ones who have to pay the price for the social chaos immigration brings.

        I really do hate these people


      • “Commitment to immigration” pfft. The idea presupposes that we can’t change anything because we have to just do what we did in the past. “America has a commitment to only letting Puritans live in Boston.” “America has a commitment to using conestoga wagons for long-distance travel.” “America has a commitment to coonskin caps and hunting deer.”

        The idea that policies can’t change in response to changing technological or material conditions in the world is absurd.


  3. took me awhile to figure it out but something about the idea of your own personal immigrant seemed familiar….someone wrote the same basic thing about robots and how to offset the ecconmic down side of automation.


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