20 thoughts on “Having a Baby vs. Having a Cat: A Response to The Oatmeal

    • It’s been so long since I drew anything, I’m like, “Which side of this stick makes marks on paper? Wait, where is my paper? How does the scanner work again? OH HI PHOTOSHOP 3, are we still friends?”

      I normally like The Oatmeal. They have a lot of funny comics.


  1. You didn’t include a panel showing you enjoying watching your children after emancipation, enjoying grandchildren, being cared for in old age by your children, and finally dying surrounded by family, happy in the assurance that your line will continue. Whereas the cat-lady ages into a recluse with nothing but her cats for company, cats who do nothing for anyone, and dies alone and miserable, having squandered her life on supernormal stimuli.

    The most telling line from the Oatmeal’s: “Cats are] demanding enough to fulfill your need to care for a living thing, but not demanding enough to ruin your life”. Darwin frowned.


  2. This was pretty much my line of thought when I very very briefly toyed with the “no kids” concept in my 20s (I always wanted kids, but it was a useful exercise to see if I could convince myself I didn’t. Having done some teaching, one thing I don’t get is deciding you don’t want kids because you spend your days with other people’s kids… I guess I get it in that some people in many times and places did the celibacy thing which often involved caring for other people’s kids, but if it’s because you hate the kids, they have different dna and hopefully upbringing than yours would… And if you hate kids, what the heck are you doing teaching?)…

    Especially liked the part about dogs and cats don’t “level up” (I hadn’t quite thought of it in those terms…) We had pets when I was growing up, and travel was always a pain, even just goldfish… And one of the dogs was born a year before me, so it was really obvious how short the life is even with a long lived dog… now, maybe a parrot…


  3. This is beyond awesome. Well done! Plot twist: there is a chance that sooner or later your children will want a dog or cat and will offer to clean up poop / walk them in the cold sleet willingly.


  4. Only “goblin” babies get squatted out like goblins. The original work must have seen the rare “Guatemalan having first child at 12” pokecard


  5. Excellent! Thank you for making this. That Oatmeal comic never made any sense to me. I’m tired of hearing it cited as a serious reason why having kids sucks. I cleaned up dog poop for 16 years. I smelled my friend’s cat litter box every time I walked into his house. Meanwhile, my son only needed diaper changes for 4 years and then he was good. He can now help with household tasks. He’s able to help take care of me when I’m hurt or sick. I don’t get the hatred. You invest a lot of time into a kid, but you get a lot back if you do it right.

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