Guest Post: SFC Ton on The Motorcycle Mindset

Hey everyone, we have a guest post today from SFC Ton on the motorcycle–and especially outlaw–mindset. (Note: MC stands for motorcycle club. 81 and HA stand for Hells Angels. 1% refers to members of outlaw clubs like the HAs):

It goes sort of like this

Rich urban bikers/ motorcyclists are about pretending to be something they ain’t. Mostly pretending to be wild and free at heart… best I can figure. Strange dudes from my reckoning

For us serious saddle tramps, bikes are about freedom, adrenaline and exploration. Bitches you ain’t banged, bars you ain’t drank in, towns you ain’t seen, stars you ain’t slept under, curves you ain’t carved yet type of thing

The MC life is about brother hood, respect and often enough some version of charity work. Think of them like the Lions Club but in this case the lions ain’t neutered. Keeping the rules is keeping the brotherhood alive and well. Keeping the traditions alive is keeping brother hood. You earn respect by keeping the rules, traditions and brotherhood. All 3 play into and build on each other Most of these crews were formed by vets, many of whom fought the japs way back when which is why you see the American bike only rules in the older MC’s.

The 1% crews about BROTHERHOOD and RESPECT. I grew up in the 81 sphere of influence and a lot has changed. The best way to under stand a 1% out fit is to have been in an infantry platoon during some real deep shit, which is why MC members tend to be vets. That bond can be addictive. Second best but still a pale version of understanding would be to read Jack Donavan’s “Way of Men”. Most are extremely patriotic as it reflects the MC’s/ 1%’ers old school working class White man morals….. Which also explains why Pat Buchanan then Trump cleaned up the biker vote.

The 1% crews are/ can be extremely sophisticated organizations and as such have been targeted by the various government agencies. More recently Obama etc all were under the opinion White veterans in MC’s were the biggest threat to national security around because they don’t like to bend the knee. The law gets shitty with more main stream MC’s all the time, probably because its safer for them. Any rate they are still standing. Not despite the law fucking with them over all matters large and small but because the law fucks with them large and small.

5 thoughts on “Guest Post: SFC Ton on The Motorcycle Mindset

    • Don’t know how to answer that since I watched very little of the show. Plus the show has to be mostly bullshit in an attempt to be entertaining and make money. The most outrageous bullshit was the body count and how over the top politically correct the bikers were. Mostly what they got right was the shit Google could tell you in 15 minutes or so such as partying when brothers get out of jail, cuts where laid out correctly, from what I recall. In one scene I remember, Ron Pearlman was careful not to touch anyone’s center patch when he thug hugged it out with his brothers. Touching a center patch is disrespectful. Organizational stuff was correct. Titles, like SA, road captian, original etc. Church once a week is legit, voting in memebers, voting in the club president. Being in legal but unseemly businesses like escorts is legit….. like I said Google could tell you all of that in a few minutes

      As for the rest? Bullshit. Unless it was documenting the world’s most dysfunctional MC and the world’s most inept PD. Reality of a MC, even a 1% crew would be mostly boring.


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