Note on Comments

If you’ve left me a longish comment that I said I would get back to you on but then never did, I’ve probably just lost track of it. Feel free to remind me, point me back to it, or just leave a new one.



3 thoughts on “Note on Comments

  1. I just put a lot of effort into a long comment on your “cultural Maoism” article. For some reason it said “your comment is awaiting moderation” instead of accepting it. I checked again and now I can’t see it at all. For the love of god, approve it! I didn’t make a copy of what I wrote!


    • And I don’t mean the reply I made to that guy who’s slagging me off, which is also awaiting moderation. I mean the long, detailed reply I made to you, after you asked me to provide links and evidence, which I have. Please don’t lose it! It wouldn’t let me reply to you directly, so I had to post it as a new comment. I put @evolutiontheorist at the beginning.


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