19 thoughts on “Amerikanerball + Open Thread

  1. And, apparently, today’s SJW outrage is that a “$#@# troll” atheist blogger got asylum in the US instead of “a Muslim or African”… Now, I don’t know this specific guy’s story, and he doesn’t seem to be from a Muslim majority country, and I’m perfectly willing to believe he’s an obnoxious troll, but at the same time, given the record of atheist bloggers from some countries getting hacked to death in public in broad daylight, an atheist blogger seems to be exactly the sort that asylum rules were designed for in a country that ostensibly prides itself on religious freedom…

    (I mean, we can debate the merits of asylum at all, but if we’re allowing it, it seems like if the majority of your country think you should be killed for your professed ideas, that’s a pretty good reason… And, yes, the awkward thing is that the bulk of these cases will be from majority-Muslim countries… perhaps some people need to be willing to ask why this is so… And, the usual disclaimer that I know many perfectly nice Muslims. But the funny thing is, while I’m perfectly open about my irreligion with my traditional catholic friends, I’ve never felt comfortable mentioning to my Muslim friends that I’m an atheist…)


    • My Muslim friends know I’m an atheist and really don’t seem to care. I assume I select friends for being the kinds of people I would get along with; they are, at any rate, very nice folks.

      I don’t know anything about this asylum case; I’ve been trying to avoid the SJW-outrage machine lately. (hahahah good luck.)


      • Yeah, I’ve mostly hidden the repeat offenders on the outrage front, but twitter recently decided to show me tweets from someone I know from real life (or else, the person from real life only just now discovered the Trump-is-a-poopy-head memes) and then, of course, on facebook, every so often a friend who normally shows restraint comments on a public post, and it’s hard to avoid reading… (Does Twitter have the equivalent of facebook “hiding”?… It is such a nice way of avoiding drama. Most people are perfectly decent in real life, for the most part…)


      • I don’t know. I keep people I know in real life and Twitter completely separate and on FB try to take a deep breath and remind myself that these folks might someday be useful if I get a flat tire and so I shouldn’t discuss politics with them.
        Kind of frustrating when your BFF goes off the deep-end and there’s really nothing you can do about it, though. :(


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