8 thoughts on “How debates change

  1. I wonder if the East Asians who are bound to replace us as the dominant group in the world will sooner or later get infected by the same Illnes, or if they have a higher resistance then we do and will be able to continue civilisation and scientific progress.

    So far they seem promising. I mean Japan has been subjected to a lot of guilt propaganda but most Japaneese are still strongly nationalist. Then again one does hear about a new generation of Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean students who seem to be infected by the same postmodern crap that has ruined the western academy, the same hatred for their own societies for being rich and sucsessfull, so I guess we will see.


    • I suspect that not speaking Indo-European languages and having their own cultural histories will basically keep far-Eastern countries immune to most Western thinking. (Except that time communism took over most of the far East, eesh. I might have to rethink that theory.)


      • Considering just how crazy east Asia communism was, another theory may be that they actually lack cultural antibodies


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