America: Unraveling at the Seams

It’s hard to concentrate on genetics when you feel like your own society is coming apart at the seams. I am very glad today that I am not in Dallas; I can only imagine what the people there (police and civilians,) must be feeling, but it can’t be good. Likewise, having seen the video of Philando Castile’s death, I am sure the African American community is likewise distressed.

From BLM to Donald Trump, racial tensions are on the rise and whites are usually blamed:

Picture 21

(This was tweeted the day after 9 police officers were shot, 5 killed, in Dallas.)

Or, more subtlely:


This post is not an exhaustive look at the dynamics of race and violence in America (I haven’t the time or resources,) but here are some links on the subject if you want them:

Slate Star Codex: Race and Justice: Much more than you wanted to know, (a review of just about everything on the subject Scott could find;) The Color of Crime, (2016 revised edition;) the Bureau of Justice crime stats website; and from the NY Times: Surprising New evidence shows bias in police use of force but not in shootings. And more, Study: BLM is wrong about police.

CnCpWS5VIAAvFuSRather, this is a quick look at the demographic reality vs the narrative:

Alton Sterling, a black man, was recently shot by police officer Howie Lake (white) and Blane Salamoni (medium-hued Italian.)

Philando Castile, (black) was recently shot by police officer Jeronimo Yanez, (Hispanic.)

George Zimmerman, (Hispanic) shot Trayvon Martin (black.)

The recent spree-killing at an Oregon college that killed (IIRC,) 7 people, was committed by a black man.

The Fort Hood Army Base shooting was committed by a Muslim man. The San Bernardino Christmas Party shooting, which IIRC killed 14 people, was committed by a Muslim couple.

CmBL4F7XEAAt_GcThe Orlando shooting, which left 49 people dead, was committed by a Muslim man; most of his victims were black and Hispanic. Most likely all of his victims were gay, (but apparently the shooter himself wasn’t. I am not totally convinced, though.)

6 police officers were involved in the death of Freddie Gray, black. Half of those officers were black, half white. The entire chain of command, from the Baltimore City police force to the Attorney General to the President himself is, of course, heavily black.

Cm8-vNWVMAA3uuEPolice officer Peter Liang, Asian, killed Akai Gurley, black. The judge who threw out Liang’s guilty verdict, Danny Chun, is also Asian.

Mike Brown, black, was shot by a white cop.

Eric Gardner, black guy, strangled by white cops

Spree killer Eliot Roger was half Asian/half white.

The Virginia Tech shooter was Asian.

Mass-murderer Dylan Roof: white guy, black victims

Batman theater shooter: white guy, many victims

Cm798o-WgAAnLIOThat guy who shot up a kindergarten was white. Victims weren’t chosen by race.

Violence by protestors (Hispanic, black, and white?) against Trump supporters (mostly white.)

In the recent anti-cop violence:

The five police officers recently shot by a black guy in Dallas included 4 whites and one Hispanic (Zamarripa.)

An Asian guy ambushed a police officer (I don’t know the victim’s race.)

A black guy ambushed two police offices (victims’ race unknown.)

Black guy attacked police officer’s home, officer’s race unknown.

Three police-related people + one civilian shot at a Michigan courthouse; 2 dead.

CnGf0lvUEAAZimHWhy do people who think that whites are racist against minorities simultaneously try to increase immigration from non-white countries, instead of recommending that non-whites stay very far away? It doesn’t seem like Asians and Hispanics are refraining from shooting blacks, even if whites are the ones who get blamed for it.

Note that these are just the cases that have been prominent in the media/I have heard of/that come immediately to mind. The data, as you are probably aware, shows that most crime is of the far more conventional variety of black on black and white on white, but see all of the links above if you want real crime stats. Also, I have refrained from opining on guilt.


Forgive me; I forgot where this came from. Please let me know f you recognize it so I can properly credit it.

15 thoughts on “America: Unraveling at the Seams

  1. Completely off topic. Could you comment or consider a post on whether modern technologically advanced societies are reverting to matriarchal systems seen in tribal hunter gatherer societies? If so why? If not, what are the fundamental differences?


    • Good topic. I’ll try to see what I can do. :) (In short: modern economies require far less physical strength to produce food than more recent farming/herding societies. One of the outcomes is that women physically can provide food for themselves and their families by themselves in our society, whereas in the recent past they couldn’t. In areas of the world where agriculture is relatively easy to do, women have always done a lot (perhaps all) of the providing for their families.) But, see by contrast, Muslim societies which are fairly wealthy and industrialized but still highly patriarchal.)


      • Typically, men control the levers of power in all societies (if I remember my anthropology from 15 years ago). I know the Iroquois were matrilineal, but not matriarchal. In pre-agricultural societies (including African horticultural societies), women do most of the work in child rearing and calorie acquisition, while men fight and hunt. It’s clear that in the modern West the lower tiers of society are organized more closely to hunter-gatherer family formation styles while the upper tiers are still agricultural in family organization.


      • Societies of households maintained by women and where men do little but make war would be the societies I’m referring to. The similarities between tribal African societies and the inner city were pointed out by Daniel Amneus years ago. More recently, however, medical schools in American will soon graduate more women than men and then there is this famous picture of the defense ministers of Western Europe.
        So it doesn’t appear that matriarchy is only for the underclass.


  2. Seems like it’s the whole West falling apart, if not the whole world. I’m not sure it’s any different than the transition from agriculture to industry, but distributed.


  3. “…Why do people who think that whites are racist against minorities simultaneously try to increase immigration from non-white countries, instead of recommending that non-whites stay very far away? …”

    White people are evil. They are stealing all the diversity on the planet. Others countries can not reach the same level of diversity because of the massive efforts of White people to steal all this diversity for their White countries.

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  4. If I were running for president my statement would be White folks need to do a better job oppressing blacks

    They were much less burdensome when Jim Crow was in effect


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