Summer Schedule Announcement

In honor of my part of the planet being tilted toward the sun during this part of our annual revolution, the kids are out of school and I am extra busy! So in order to not fill this with picture posts and reviews of kids’ movies (yes, I cried at Finding Dory,) I’m scaling back to posting only twice a week (Mondays and Fridays) for the next month or two.

I am, (as always,) accepting guest posts if anyone has one.

I hope everyone has a lovely summer.

4 thoughts on “Summer Schedule Announcement

  1. Keeping my kids away from pop culture makes me feel like old Horatius. Is finding Dory not chock full of prog insanity?

    My son came out of day camp rude and obnoxious, so we’re not sending him this year. He needs friends, but his peers pick up all the horrific manners of modern children’s television. Some days I wish I were Amish.


    • Does your son like Minecraft? My kids have been really into it.

      Some people I’ve talked to found the movie super annoying (if you didn’t like Dory in Finding Nemo, you won’t like her here.)

      I thought it was a cute movie about an extremely retarded fish who manages to find her family via the power of random chance. A lot of it was over-the-top silliness, like the scene where (spoiler) Dory and the octopus drive a truck. Most of the major characters are disabled in some way (Nemo’s “lucky fin,” Dory’s memory, the octopus is missing an arm, the whale shark is near-sighted, the beluga thinks his sonar doesn’t work, there’s a very dumb bird, etc.) This is mostly played for humor, though there is a message of “Just act without thinking and everything will be okay.”

      There’s a cute short at the beginning about a baby bird.

      I’m not good at predicting what others will love or hate, but you might glance through the picturebook version at the grocerystore to see if you’d enjoy it.


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