The Gaboon Viper, Pangolin, and bioluminescence

The Gaboon Viper is a lovely snake with incredible rectangular bands running down its spine:
gaboon-viper-eastern-820x489 8582704

(How often do you see rectangles in nature?) They’re super deadly, of course, so I don’t recommend petting one.

The Pangolin (native to Asia and Africa) is clearly a miniature dragon:

Picture 8 Picture 10

Picture 11 Picture 15

Somebody please domesticate these so I can have a pet dragon.


I have read that bioluminescence is the most common form of communication on Earth.

Picture 21 800px-Bobtail_squid

It certainly is lovely! (That little guy’s a bioluminescent bobtail squid.)

Picture 20 Bathocyroe_fosteri Picture 17 1024px-PanellusStipticusAug12_2009

That last one is a mushroom, not a jellyfish.

800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_7 800px-Haeckel_Ctenophorae 800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_77 800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_59 800px-Haeckel_Siphonophorae_37

Drawings by Ernst Haeckel.








3 thoughts on “The Gaboon Viper, Pangolin, and bioluminescence

  1. Pangolins are ruthlessly hunted in Asia for supposed medical properties. Most species are endangered, plus it would be difficult to recreate their diet in captivity in order to become a widespread captive animal. Why not get a bearded dragon if you want a pet dragon? I have one. They are the most lovely, calm and cool lizards, and also they are quite intelligent, hardy and easy to care for. They are very tolerant of people, to the point of questioning their ability to perceive danger. Perhapse in the deserts of Australia they came from they didn’t have many large predators, so they don’t recognize us as a serious threat.


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