Potato Madness

this_is_a_potatoThis is a potato.

Bake it, and you have a healthy, nutritious dinner that you can serve your family and feel good about.

That seems simple enough.

However, the potato would like to clarify some potential confusion about its culinary uses:


18rnflcoijyr0jpgThis is a potato that has been chopped up and deep fried.

Make it from scratch in the morning, and you are not just a good mom, but an excellent mom.

You can’t really eat them for dinner, unless you’re at IHOP or celebrating Chanukah.


Picture 11This is a potato that has been chopped up, deep fried, and served with a side of pickled tomatoes.

It is never for breakfast, except maybe if you are on a roadtrip and there’s nothing else available. If so, we will pretend it never happened.

Serve it for breakfast any other time, and you are a bad mom.

It is fine for lunch, though.

Picture 12This is a potato that has been chopped up and baked.

You can never, ever serve it for breakfast. In fact, you are a bad mom if you even think about serving it for breakfast.

It is not a meal at all!

Why, this potato is so unhealthy, you should probably never eat it at all.


There. I hope that clears everything up.


3 thoughts on “Potato Madness

  1. This potato has been peeled, boiled, and smashed. Often served with a meat-based topping, it is not a breakfast food, but can be eaten at any other times. It is also a holiday potato.

    This is just the skin of a potato, fried and topped with things like bacon. This potato should not be eaten.

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  2. Are you saying that community/culture requires adherence to arbitrary rules? Feature, or bug? Say it isn’t so!!


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