Patriarchy and Objectification are the only reasons Emma Watson has a job

Listening to Emma Watson talk about Feminism and “objectification” is hilarious in a depressing sort of way.

Emma Watson to take a Year Off Acting to Focus on Feminism:

“I’m on my journey with this and it might change, but I can tell you that what is really liberating and empowering me through being involved in feminism is that … so much of the self-critiquing is gone,” said Watson.

Before taking her break from Hollywood, Watson will be seen alongside John Boyega in the thriller The Circle, and in the lead role in Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast.

Doesn’t she realize that the only reason she has a job is that men want to fuck her?

If feminists were making movies, Emma Watson would not have a job. Heck, if I were making movies, Emma Watson would not have a job. I don’t like watching movies with women in them who are more attractive than I am. Women–lesbians aside–don’t watch movies so they can fantasize about the female characters. (This is why romance novels have pictures of men on their covers.)

Men are the ones who want attractive female characters in movies.

Emma Watson calls for feminist alternatives to pornography:

Emma Watson has called for the creation of “awesome alternatives” to pornography that empower instead of objectifying women.

Emma Watson speaking out against objectification is like Budweiser protesting beer consumption or rich people talking about the evil of having too much money.

“Feminist pornography” already exists, but if Emma Watson wants to make “empowering” movies about herself “enjoying sex,” I’m sure plenty of men will happily pay her money for the privilege of masturbating to it. Go feminism!

9 thoughts on “Patriarchy and Objectification are the only reasons Emma Watson has a job

  1. Ok so third wave feminist idiocy aside, this argument is just weird. It would be impossible to make a Harry Potter film without female actors; hence, Emma Watson’s career. Are you saying that in a female-only society there would be no major female characters in novels either? Don’t women want characters in novels and movies that they can relate to? Sex and the City certainly wasn’t targeted towards (straight) men.


    • You are jumping from “has women in it” to “has extremely attractive women in it.” Women are interested in female characters, but it’s men who are interested in extremely attractive women.

      Hermione was written as an unattractive character. Had the casting been accurate, they wouldn’t have cast Emma Watson.


      • To be a little fair to the casting people, they cast the major child characters before the actors had hit puberty, so that could’ve been a bit of a gamble (though boys seem to have a worse time of puberty in terms of looks)… That said, I’d agree that her continued fame has a lot to do with being attractive. Emma Watson doesn’t need to drive around in an ice cream truck to get attention, certainly…


  2. I’m not entirely convinced.

    (1) Rom-Coms generally feature pretty female leads. This suggests that women watching want to identify with a pretty woman

    (2) I’ve been observing “romance” covers as I see them in 2nd hand bookstores, etc. While they do feature a masculine male as the primary focus, all the females depicted are pretty and show their face as a main feature


    • I’ve read a few chapters of these for research purposes. Generally, the female MC does not see herself as particularly attractive, but the male does. Bella Swan, to use a famous example, is described as physically ordinary, clumsy, etc., but Edward is attracted to her, anyway. The female fantasy is not that she is attractive, but that somewhere out there is a man who thinks she is.

      But you are correct that they do feature attractive women on their covers. Unlike TV, they also feature attractive men.


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