SJWs come out in favor of rape, violence against women

honestly, why the fuck do I even check FB anymore?
honestly, why the fuck do I even check FB anymore?

FromDarkMatter’s FB page: “DarkMatter is a non-binary trans south asian artist collaboration composed of alok vaid-menon and janani balasubramanian.”

They’re also, apparently, in favor of raping white women.


Oh, btw, while there is someone named EvolutionistX on Twitter, they’re not me.

13 thoughts on “SJWs come out in favor of rape, violence against women

  1. Eh, they are very dumb, but that’s dark side talk there. Don’t fall into the trap of just using their same linguistic tools. Sympathy though.


    • It’s called rhetoric and it’s doubly effective when employed to convey truths. Feminists are against rape when white men are doing it, but happily bend over and spread for orcs. The solution is to kill and drive off the orcs, sell the feminists to the highest bidder. We are not dealing with reasonable people here. Orcs are too stupid to refrain from rape, feminists are too self loathing to refrain from destroying civilization. The only dark side is that which aids and abetts the collapse of Western Civilization.


  2. I had to read slowly; it started to descend into word salad to me. Maybe my IQ is just too low. Since Europe, unlike the US, is inherently white, it irks even more that white people can’t require newcomers to assimilate to their values–how that is colonialism, I just can’t even.


    • I was just thinking to myself, “Is there some kind of actual, low-grade insanity that prompts people to act and think like this?”
      I keep works of “critical theory” around for the entertainment value of reading aloud at dinner parties, but alas, having done this too many times, I’m starting to understand them.


  3. Colonialism is the crime you commit when you presume to beg the colonists invading your country to go easy on your women.

    Got it.


  4. Slightly off topic

    As an American I can’t help but feel a sense of schadenfreude at what’s happening in Europe.

    Europeans look with snooty disdain at the level of violence in my country compared with most of their own. Of course, they attribute this to our stupidity and racism in holding onto guns. They preen with such self-righteous moral superiority about how safe their gun-free societies and often ask me what combination of slow-mindedness and bigotry is to blame for America’s “fascist” attitudes. (They think that American violence is mostly White “rednecks” murdering minorities.)

    Of course African violence comes whenever Africans abound. In Paris at least they found out the hard way the presence of Wayne LaPierre and Charleton Heston are quite unnecessary for mass shootings to happen. No gun laws stopped the massacre. Funny, no European has ever given me that smug speech about gun control since that day.

    They are now experiencing the flowering of African culture my country had to cope with from the start!

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  5. Of course, the femicunts are the same way in the United States too.

    Rape crisis feminism has always been about, in the words of Tom Wolfe, the search for the Great White Defendant. What is just as instructive as the false or ambiguous rape cases the femicunts loyal press organs have hyped are the real ones they ignore. Brutal gang rapes of White coeds by Black football and basketball players are an everyday reality on American campuses. Of course, when this happens, the feminists are silent.

    University administrators are happy to leave most men to the wolves if they are accused of rape, but no matter what the circumstances no ticket-selling football or basketball player will ever face a feminist rape tribunal. Indeed, the universities will actively interfere with any police investigation should one occur. Of course, the feminists themselves will tell the accuser she needs to “Remember Michael Brown” and check her “White privilege.”

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