Things from the internet

Things from around the internet, without much commentary:

Picture 13

Picture 4 Picture 10

(I found these for sale at Toys R Us. Why is Toys R Us trying to market football-themed snuggies to grown women? No, none of their ads show snuggies being worn/used by men. Do you know what women do not like? Football. Don’t fuck with that, Toys R Us. It’s one of the few things I’ve got in common with most other women.)

Picture 8

(EvolutionistX supports no particular political candidates at this point, but does find the ways other people go about displaying and discussing their political preferences interesting.)

Picture 9  Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 3 Picture 2


8 thoughts on “Things from the internet

  1. What strikes me as strange is that most people who hold these views, in my experience, consider themselves to be anti-mainstream. Seems there’s a need most people have to feel persecuted, or something.

    The last one is a bit chilling.

    But take heart, just as it would take more than marketing to get women into STEM, I imagine the same is true with football.


    • Virtually everyone in America considers themselves a brave, anti-mainstream maverick. It’s built into our founding mythology. But we’re really pretty conformist.

      Yes, it is chilling. And this still shows up on my FB feed even after I deleted most of the people who were posting annoyingly dumb leftist memes. This is shit people really believe.

      I wouldn’t mind if more women were interested in STEM, because I like STEM and I like STEM-people and I generally think in a simplistic equation that goes “More STEM = More good!” I do mind that the general consensus is “MORE WOMEN MUST BE IN STEM!” because if women don’t really feel like it, that’s no big deal, whatevs, maybe some farm kid from Iowa would like a scholarship to a decent school.

      Whereas football is just not my thing. :)


    • Women watch football with their husbands. Left to their own devices, they have almost zero interest in it. This is why you don’t see little girls spontaneously pick up footballs and start tossing them to each other, women don’t bother wearing team jerseys, buy books or magazines about football, or try to organize girls’ football leagues. Among themselves, men discuss sports. Among themselves, women do not, except when their husbands are watching sports.


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